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Pope in his grotto
It's clever, but is it art?
(This is your life, and it's ending one minute at a time.)
22nd-Mar-2019 06:56 am
Sandman: Destiny holds his secrets
I'd been hoping that I'd start making more regular entries once I switched over to Dreamwidth, but it turns out there's still only really one topic I have any desire to post about (or several closely-related topics, anyway: Cantonese language study, Chinese movies, Chinese music, etc.). I figure it's just as boring for everyone else if I go on posting about the same things over and over as if I just avoid posting anything at all, and I'd rather be invisible than an active nuisance, so. That's why I keep not posting anything for weeks or months at a time. :P

I'm updating at present because it was just announced a few hours ago, on Andy Lau's website, that his application for another show series at the Hong Kong Coliseum has been green-lighted, and he's now planning to reschedule the seven shows that got cancelled this past New Year's for the middle of next February. In theory (I'm going to continue saying "in theory," because if anything, this year's plans are probably even more precarious than the plans that fell through last year were), my cancelled tickets will be eligible to exchange for new tickets on the 18th, 20th, and 21st of February 2020.

I'm very pleased about this, needless to say. I'm also a bit sorry that I got a refund from StubHub for my fourth ticket and won't be able to exchange it, because even though it was very expensive, it was also a very good ticket and would (to me) have been worth the money, if things had worked out. But so be it. I've still got the other three, and two of those are pretty good tickets, too. I don't know how the exchange process will work, but it sounds like Lau is doing everything he can to avoid making it any more troublesome for his fans than it's already been up to now. He says he'll be paying for all the ticketing fees (as well as everything else) himself, so that exchanging tickets shouldn't cost anybody else anything at all.

Anyway, that's the news I've been waiting for since the start of last month. There was no guarantee that it would come this soon, so. Tentative (very tentative) rejoicing.

Nothing else too noteworthy has happened since my last entry, except I guess that my application for doctoral candidacy has now been officially approved. I don't actually understand why there's even such a thing as an application for doctoral candidacy, separate from everything else, since I was admitted as a doctoral student six years ago, and my dissertation prospectus was approved by a committee of professors nearly a year ago. I guess they just enjoy throwing as much red tape at you as they can. If I can get my dissertation written, I should be able to hold my thesis defense sometime in the fall semester, which would mean graduating only one semester late. So I guess that's the goal now. I'm hoping they'll give me a teaching job in fall, so I won't have to take out more loans.

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