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author icons!

Thanks to everyone who took the poll! It looks like the mouse icon wins. :) I may use one of the "I corrupted them all" icons later, too.

I tried to find another way to use Dostoevsky's picture, and this inspired a small set of author icons with handwriting and signatures, like so:


First batch:

01. Dickens

04. Wilde

07. Diderot

10. Vonnegut

13. Eliot

15. Gaiman

02. Dostoevsky

05. Joyce

08. Nietzsche

11. Stoppard

14. Eliot

03. Hugo

06. Joyce

09. Nietzsche

12. Gaiman

ETA: Second batch:

01. Shakespeare

04. Doyle

07. Dumas

02. Byron

05. Pratchett

08. Fitzgerald

03. Poe

06. Tolkien

09. Austen

The text is from...

Dickens: a manuscript of Nicholas Nickleby
Dostoevsky: a letter to his brother
Hugo: a letter addressed to "Madame"
Wilde: a letter to Walt Whitman
Joyce: a manuscript of Ulysses
Diderot: a manuscript of La Religieuse
Nietzsche: a manuscript of Mein Leben
Vonnegut: a typewritten and drawn-all-over letter to Mark Lindquist
Stoppard: a print page of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead.
Gaiman: a handwritten page of Neverwhere
Eliot: a handwritten copy of "Virginia"
Shakespeare: a 17th century folio of Henry V
Byron: a manuscript of Don Juan
Poe: a letter to F. W. Thomas and Jesse Dowe
Doyle: a letter to Arthur Wright
Pratchett: a print page of Night Watch
Tolkien: a letter, recipient unknown
Dumas: a letter, recipient's name illegible
Fitzgerald: a letter to Mrs. Northrop
Austen: a letter to her brother

Oh, and then there are these:

EDIT: Fixed it so that the images work again, and added a bunch more.
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