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HK photo post #2: Andy Lau stuff in Hong Kong

Andy World Club

The first place I went, on the morning after my arrival in Hong Kong (and before it had been definitely announced that all remaining shows would be cancelled), was Lau's fanclub, AWC, which is located on the 33rd floor of this building:

It was difficult to get photos because there were so many people inside, who were all also taking photos, picking up concert tickets, or buying fanclub merchandise. The place was also sort of in disarray, with boxes piled everywhere and furniture shoved into corners.

Trophy display shelves:

Some film awards:

Lau's "Outstanding Young Person of the Year Award" (from 2000, which was the last year that he was young enough to be eligible for it). I saw him talking about this one in an interview; he seems to be particularly proud of it.

Andy Lau character bears, made by a Japanese fan:

I assume these little Andox figures were part of a fanclub contest or event or something:

Lau's outfit and torch from some kind of Olympic relay event, I think from 2008:

Giant "Andox and Box" figures, dressed up for the holidays and doing temporary service as a barricade:

Gratuitous but pretty photo-printed canvas featuring shirtless Lau in a lake somewhere (here juxtaposed with ridiculous cardboard-cut-out "save me" Lau):

Wall of autographed movie posters, etc.:

The "Great Wall" poster seems to be autographed by all the major cast members (including Matt Damon and Willem Dafoe):

Poster with early/mid 90's concert images:

Poster for 2018-2019 tour:

Random Ad Poster

Interlude: three shots of the same poster advertising Lau's most recent song release. I originally noticed this poster while riding the bus on my first trip down to Tsim Shaa Tsui, and took a picture from the bus window:

A day or two later, I decided to get off at the bus stop for a better photo. It was evening by the time I got there, though, hence rather dark:

The next day I went back and took a picture in daylight. And then the day after that, the poster was gone. I guess I was just in time.

Hong Kong Coliseum

The bus stop near the poster was just a few blocks away from Hong Kong Coliseum, the stadium at which Lau had been performing every night for the previous two weeks, until the cancelled show on the 28th.

There were still posters up for the shows, and notices about the cancellations:

It looked like the crew guys were already packing up all the equipment and props and hauling everything out onto trucks:

Harbour City Mall Concert Exhibit

Fortunately, although the souvenir shop at the Coliseum had been shut down, there was another souvenir shop at Harbour City Mall, along with a temporary exhibit that had been set up for the (intended) duration of the concert series. As I wasn't really sure what else to do, I spent quite a bit of my time in Hong Kong just sort of hovering around this exhibit.

There were four displays, two of which were life-sized figures of Lau (with outfits and props from his 2010 concert series). I was never able to get a clear shot of the whole exhibit, as there was always a small crowd of people waiting to take photos with the figures. A special security guard had been assigned just to walk around the exhibit all day making sure nobody touched them (or anything else).

I can't say I'm particularly a fan of the life-sized figures, but I thought I ought to get photos in any case, since I was there. First figure:

Second figure, complete with glittery motorcycle (you can see in the third picture below that I was one of four people who were taking photos just at that moment):

One of the other displays was a print of Lau's concept art for the concert series (he actually did a lot of art for the tour, but this was the only print they had on display):

The last display was a random plate that Lau painted with his concert logo (which he also designed; he seems to be very proud of his first attempt at English calligraphy), while he was on vacation last summer:

(I'm not sure what exactly induced him to paint a concert-themed plate, but he ended up using it as the punchline of a joke at the concert press conference, where he said he had finally made a "new record," and then cheekily unveiled this plate -- because the words for record/disc and plate/dish are identical in Cantonese.)

A couple of the exhibit attendants offered to take my picture with the Lau figures, on two different days when I was there (I was even given a sparkly cushion to hold as a "photo prop"):

I bought a couple of concert souvenirs from the adjoining shop on my first visit, and then, after the cancellation of the remaining shows, I went back and bought some more things (one of which was a jacket that didn't fit, so I later went back yet again, on the final day that the exhibit was open, and exchanged the jacket for some other things). Here's one of my bags of newly-purchased stuff.

Concert Souvenirs

I was thus able to come away with quite a lot of concert merchandise, in spite of the shows having been cancelled. Everything seems to be of very nice quality, and I was pleased that there was a lot of black. Here's the collection I brought home, including the tote bags from the shop (which cost twenty-five cents; I bought one on each of my first two visits, and on my third visit they gave me another one for free):

Black and white scarf. (I got this when I was exchanging the jacket that didn't fit; one of the girls at the counter offered it as an option, unfolded it for me, said something about the quality or the materials, and then, when she saw that I was hesitating, added: "And the drawing is by Andy." At which point I just sort of hopelessly waved for her to go ahead and put it in my bag. *facepalm*)


T-shirt, with black-on-black print and a small teal label on the back:

Rain jacket, with very discreet labeling (the only logos visible on the outside of the jacket are two small black-on-black labels, on the hood and one sleeve, which you can see in the second photo):

Necklace and pendant set. This had been briefly available online via Lau's fanclub website a few months ago, and I had considered buying it then, but the shipping cost was quite high. I was glad they still had some in stock. (The second photo was taken while I was still in Hong Kong, as I've been wearing them since then, and didn't want to take them off and put them back in the box for a better photo.)

Pendant? Keychain? Honestly I'm not really sure what this is, but allegedly it's made of some kind of anti-bacterial compound. It has another of Lau's heart drawings on it, and it came in a nice little velveteen pouch. It was also practically the only piece of merchandise with any part of Lau's name printed on it in any outwardly visible way, rather than just "AWC" or the "My Love" concert logo. I'm not sure I'll ever find an actual use for it, though.

Small travel bag. This is actually quite nice. The first two pictures show it when it's all snapped together:

It opens out, and has a number of different zippered compartments, and two smaller bags that can be detached:

The smaller of the two interior bags is a kind of slim purse or wallet, with credit card slots and several other compartments, and includes a detachable shoulder strap:

The larger bag also has numerous interior compartments:

The one other Lau souvenir that I bought was a calendar, not from the concert merchandise shop but rather from the fanclub, which I visited a second time on the day after New Year's. Unlike the concert stuff, it's an AWC exclusive item; I had to show my fanclub membership card before they'd let me buy it. The calendar itself wasn't something I needed, but I felt like I ought to have some excuse for going back, besides just wanting to hover around and take more pictures of things.

It is, in any case, a rather pretty trifold photo-frame calendar, with picture-cards for each month, showing the month names printed in their English abbreviations. (Literally nothing on any of Lau's merchandise is in Chinese, except the warning labels and instruction sheets.)

And so there we are.

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