Grayswandir (_grayswandir_) wrote,

HK photo post #1: Stuff in Hong Kong


Some random shops:

"Very Good Seafood Restaurant":

Interesting uses of grass:


Hung Hom MTR station (I never took the metro, but there were various places where the only way to cross a major road was to go through a metro station):

Construction (there was a lot of construction):

Ad featuring Eric Tsang and Michael Miu (there were a lot of ads featuring film stars I recognized; in fact this wasn't even the only ad I saw that featured either Tsang or Miu):

Apartment buildings:

City streets toward evening:

Boats at Victoria Harbour:

Starbucks mocha and spinach pie:

Rice patty with tuna and seaweed, from 7-11:

Holiday displays at Harbour City Mall:

Miyazaki mall shop:

Other holiday displays:

Street vendors on New Year's Eve:

Entrance to get to my AirBnB apartment (there are shops on either side, but they were closed for the night when I took these photos):

Bus ride to the airport:

Leaving HK:

Landing in Beijing:

A generic shop at the Beijing airport:

The plane that my flight was supposed to be on had some kind of engine problem, which they discovered shortly before the scheduled departure time:

So instead, three and a half hours later, they bused everyone out to this plane instead, which made the trip back from Beijing to Houston:

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