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So I've decided to drop my Precalculus class. I really can't see any way that I can possibly pass at this point. So either I'll try again over the summer at Mesa Community College, or I guess I need to start looking at changing my major. :/

On the bright side, I was one of only two people in my class to get an A on the German mid-term. We also had our Russian Lit mid-term today, and I'm quite sure I aced that too, since it was just a bunch of story summaries to which we had to match the titles and authors, and then some easy, subjective essay stuff. I'd been worried that there would be a lot of history questions on the essay, since the professor gave us a whole list of tsars and princes and boyars whom we were supposed to know about; but in fact there were only a couple of questions on art and music, and which Slavic languages use which alphabet. So at least I'm getting A's in the classes I'm not failing...

Also! My sister and I were looking into buying a better camera, because we still weren't happy with the photographs we were getting. Unfortunately, the camera we want (a Canon Powershot G10) runs about $500, which is more than we have to spare at the moment. So we dedided to try improving our lighting instead. I got a set of professional studio lights with shoot-through umbrellas for $130, and the photos look so much better.

Originally, we were taking all of our photos outdoors (like the one below), because we couldn't get enough light indoors to turn out any kind of decent pictures. But we didn't like the dark shadows or the flat, harsh look of the backgrounds, and we hated having to drag all our ponies outside every time we did a photo shoot.

At our apartment, we were able to take photos in the kitchen because of the huge fluorescent lights there, and because we bought a better camera that allowed us to change the shutter speed and ISO and so forth. But the colors were always way off, and had to be corrected in Photoshop. (The picture below is color-corrected and still looks wrong.)

Finally, we've scrapped the fluorescents for some real photo studio lighting! :D (Her hair isn't as nice because we were so excited about trying out the lights that we didn't want to wait overnight for a lot of pony hair to curl and dry.)

So! We're looking forward to fixing our ponies up and taking good pictures of them at last, without worrying that we'll just have to retake them again when we get a better camera setup. We'll still buy the Canon G10 as soon as we can, and I intend to play around with the camera settings and the lighting a bit more, but I'm quite happy with these.

Before-and-after photos:

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