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Well! Book-buying went fairly well, and I still have some money left over. I got The Canterbury Tales, with the original text side by side with a translation, for $6 (I've read a number of excerpts from the book before, but never the whole thing). I got A Game of Thrones for $4 and Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell for $6. The (complete) Collected Works of Borges was $20, but even that was pretty damn good, I thought. I mean, complete works, you know.

Barnes & Noble had a ton of stuff on sale, including a lot of really beautiful art books, but I restrained myself and didn't buy them. They also had a "Buy 2 Get 1 Free" thing for classics, at $5 each -- but I already have most of the classics they were offering! I may go back anyway, though, because their copy of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was very nice. And I need a new copy of Candide, because the translation I've got is so bad that it keeps making me think I dislike Voltaire.

I was a little surprised by how many books they didn't have, though. Nothing by Tom Stoppard except the plays I've already got, for instance. Copenhagen was also nowhere to be found. And each store I visited had at most two books on Napoleon, which really surprised me since, if I recall, Napoleon is the second most extensively biographized man in the world -- the first being Jesus. No biographies of Wellington at all, though I did find (and buy) a book about Napoleon and Wellington, which is at least something.

(I also didn't find anything by C.S. Lewis, but it now occurs to me that that's probably because I was looking for him in Fiction and Literature rather than Children's...)

I also finally signed up for next semester's classes. This was a bit of an ordeal, since there is no class whatsoever that I can take just now that will actually apply to my major. The reason is this: I'm already done taking everything I need except for the (many!) Physics and Education classes. I have to take Calculus before I can take any Physics classes at all, and I have to take several Physics classes before they'll let me into the Education program to take the upper level classes there. (And I haven't even taken Precalculus yet!)

But I have to take at least three courses, at ~$1000 each, or I won't be a "full-time student," which will mean I won't get my grants and loans. So.

I've signed up for Precalculus, of course. I was going to retake Russian 202, but then I was told that it wouldn't count toward my full-time status, because I've already taken it. So instead I'm taking German 101, which should be pretty easy, since I already understand quite a bit of German; I just can't speak/write it grammatically. And I'm taking Great Russian Novelists of the 19th Century. XD It'll be my first 300-level class, but I don't expect it to be too difficult, since of all the authors listed in the course description, Turgenev is the only one I don't at least know something about already. (If I recall, it was my inability to choose between a plethora of Turgenev translations that finally made up my mind to start learning Russian, several years ago. axmxz was right: I should have just picked a translation. ;)

I also discovered that they offer a class on Milton! :D I wasn't able to sign up for it, because you have to take English Literature Before 1800 first. And I couldn't sign up for that because they only offer it in the fall. Maybe next spring, though. :)

Every time I realize how excited I am about taking literature classes, I start wondering if I'm an idiot for going after a Physics degree instead of something in the arts. There are so many wonderful things I could major in. How the hell do people choose just one thing to do with a lifetime?
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