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I'm getting old and I don't care. :D


Okay, so, today I turned twenty-five. I don't really have time at the moment for existential angst regarding this fact, and besides, I've gotten so used to getting older by this point that I think I've given up being distressed by it. I embrace my rapidly increasing age. I suppose resignation is the first step toward zen. ;)

Anyway. I wasn't expecting to get anything today, because my sister had already given me my birthday present: a pit ticket to the Cure concert next month. (!!!) I had also bought myself a present, something I've been wanting for more than a year now: a tiny little $20 yinyang necklace made of silver and black onyx and mother of pearl. A couple of books, too. I was perfectly content.

Now, last year for my birthday, I went with my sister, Mom, and Mom's boyfriend to the Wildlife World Zoo, which was a lot of fun, especially because I got to pet the little pygmy goats. I realize this isn't everyone's idea of a good time, but I love goats. I was rather hoping we might go back to the zoo this year, or maybe to Rawhide, which also has a petting zoo.

Well, we didn't go to the zoo, nor did we go to Rawhide. Instead I got something for my birthday that I was not expecting at all.

See, I've always said I never want to have kids. Turns out I was wrong. I love kids. And now... I have two of them.

Literally. For real. Kids.



They're about six months old. The black and white one is a neutered male -- a wether. The brown and black one is a doe. They are so, so beautiful.

I've named the wether Boris and the doe Nadya. Which I guess is kind of a joke -- I love the name Nadezhda, and have been saying for years that if I ever had a kid, and if she were a girl, I would name her Nadezhda. Well, what do you know. I have a kid. So Nadya she is. :) And Boris... well, he just looks like a Boris, all right?


And Nadya, who looks rather like a gazelle:

They're still rather terrified of us, but they seem to be acclimating pretty quickly. Tomorrow when we buy some treats for them, I think we'll be able to get them to come to us. They do seem to like the yard. And each other. :)

Boris also likes the camera.

And Nadya is hard to photograph, because what she likes most is hiding behind Boris.

But here's one good shot, anyway. Gazelle! (They spring like gazelles when they run, too. :)

Goats, you guys. I have goats. In my yard.

GOATS. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

My sister arranged all of this. Clearly, I have the most awesome family in the world.


In other news, we just finished watching The Fountain, and now I think we're going to watch Pan's Labyrinth. And eat more pumpkin pie, which was my birthday cake this year. ;) Thanks to everyone who wished me happy birthday! You guys are all awesome. :D
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