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[sticky post] Welcome Post

Hallo! This journal is mostly friends-only, though I've tried to leave fandom-related creative shenanigans unlocked, especially when they are not my shenanigans, but other people's brilliance.

If you'd like to be LJ friends, please introduce yourself here, and consider leaving me a truly awful/beloved Christmas cracker joke. Even if it is only the mince spies one... because no one can ever have too many mince spies. If Christmas cracker jokes are not your thing, then... um, a pun? A favourite silly word? A greeting in your first language?

Archived fic links are in the sidebar; partial list of other shenanigans below the cut.

ShenanigansCollapse )

S.N.A.P.E. pemage (pimp + memage?)

snapeartcontest has been doing these meme-inspired contests. I had a peep last weekend and started to do the random music player one, but couldn't for the life of me think of a picture that I could actually draw with a touchpad. Nevertheless, I got a kick out of the resulting list, so I decided to post it.

Grainne's iSnapeCollapse )

And if you want a real laugh, please go check out the real entries here. Voting deadline is February 7!

Post-DH Snape Art, Birthdays

No matter what you think/thank/thunk of Deathly Hallows and Snape's fate therein, I think we can all agree that some fates are truly worse than death...

(especially for _vocalion_ and anyone else who has ever had to suffer through a game of Chav Scrabble)

Avada Chav-dabra!Collapse )

And I hope snarkypants will forgive me multitasking and using such a silly post to wish her a
Very Happy (But not Silly) Birthday!

May all your wishes, great (and small) come true!

Big Sam steals Rickman's line?

So there I was slaving away at work partaking of today's Fiver when I tripped over an Alan Rickman reference where I least expected to see one...

Who Knew the Lads at the Fiver Were Rickmaniacs?

[Guardian Fiver for Dec. 4; scroll down to the third item on the page: "(EVERYTHING SAM DOES) HE DOES IT FOR YOU)"]

Now that I think of it, a little dose of Rickman's sheriff might be just the thing to keep Joey Barton in line...or perhaps they'd just encourage one another? ;-)


Birthday Wishes


*points at icon* Lego Snape is doing a little pole dance in your honor, and he joins me in wishing you health, wealth, and happiness (and a working computer)!


A seasonal message from Snape...


Horrible Happy Haunting!

Well wishes





I hope that you are both well in body, mind and spirit, and enjoying (or at least surviving?) whatever life throws your way.

*throws confetti, wine, chocolates, and all-expenses-paid holidays (avec nanny service for aramintasnape) to sun-drenched isles*



Since LJ is ill-suited to hosting parades and passing out pints, I thought I'd share a secret instead.
Grainne's Fast and Loose History Lessons Proudly Presents:
Snakes? What Snakes? The Real Story Behind a LegendCollapse )


Shakeskewering for Stephanie's Big Day

As I could think of nothing better for your birthday than to butcher the bard in your honour...

But not so soft! What brilliance through yonder brick wall kicks?
Why, it is the fabulous stephanie206!
Arise, dear Steph, and teach the envious stars
How they may be employed in ninja arts.
No vestal livery wears she, but platform boots,
To teach wankers that the point is moot--
The Red Sox rule and Steph is boss,
And she’ll back her words with sriracha sauce!


I wish you yummy vegan treats, a nice syrah, and a wild party with all your (quadrupedal as well as bipedal) companions!