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Родственница Бин-Ладена позирует в гламурном журнале GQ

По ссылке от Reuters мы узнаем о новом психологическом оружии против Бин-Ладена.

Вероятно, увидев эти фотографии Бин-Ладена должен хватить апоплексический удар или на крайняк, достав острый арабский кинжал, он в бешенстве заколет ближайшего соратника.

Девушка, даже не говорящая по арабски, пятая вода на киселе из огромного клана Бин-Ладенов, смертельно позорит честь семьи - слава Американскому президенту !

Has capitalism outlived itself?

Забавно, не правда ли :)

Back in 1923 the Communist International proclaimed that it is necessary to drive out those who have partitioned Europe, take power in partitioned Europe in order to unify it, in order to create the Socialist United States of Europe.

In conclusion, let me pose a question which, it seems to me, flows from the very essence of my report. This question is: Has capitalism outlived itself? Or to put it differently: Is capitalism still capable of developing the productive forces on a world scale and of heading mankind forward? This is a fundamental question. It is of decisive significance for the proletariat of Europe, for the oppressed peoples of the Orient, for the entire world, and, first and foremost, for the destiny of the Soviet Union. If it turned out that capitalism is still capable of fulfilling a progressive historical mission, of increasing the wealth of the peoples, of making their labor more productive, that would signify that we, the Communist Party of the USSR, were premature in singing its de pro fundis; in other words, it would signify that we took power too soon to try to build socialism. Because, as Marx explained, no social system disappears before exhausting all the possibilities latent in it. Confronted with the new economic situation unfolding before us at present, with the ascendancy of America over all capitalist mankind and the radical shift in the correlation of economic forces, we must pose anew this question: Has capitalism outlived itself? or has it still before it a perspective of progressive work?

Кто это написал и когда ?