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I would love too.. with you.

Cтатья издания The Sun под заголовком:
"I would love to settle down and be a parent"
Без моих обширных комментариев, поскольку печально все это на самом деле. Как и его клип на сингл Grace, где вылезает обескураживающая, подкупающая прямотой надпись, что "Мой лучший друг - лошадь".
Везет. Я же пытаюсь найти компромисс со свиньей.

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WILL YOUNG is planning to find his perfect man, settle down – and start a family.
The singer turned actor, about to launch his fourth album Let It Go, is getting a taste for a life away from showbiz.

And the gay star, 29, would love nothing more than to bring up adopted children with the man of his dreams at his side.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Will told me: “I would love to be a parent one day. Obviously it won’t be happening soon because I am still single. But having a family and bringing up children is something I have thought about a lot recently.

“Gay marriage and civil partnership is a great thing. It means more rights for same-sex couples."

“It is safer and there are relationships now that provide a perfect set-up for bringing up children.”

Will, who last year split up with his long-term boyfriend — known only as Conor and in his early twenties — says: “I have just had the most amazing holiday at (pop Svengali) SIMON FULLER'S place in France and I was in a reflective mood.

“I was thinking about the future and the idea of bringing up a child and helping them through life is something that appeals to me hugely."

“I took my niece and my nephew on an open-top tour bus recently and I absolutely love their company."
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