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Gojyo's Log

heh...Not THAT log, you naughty girl ^_~

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Well now...This is the one and only journal for the sexiest sex machine around, Sha Gojyo. Heh, I guess many of you ladies out there would like to know a little about me? Alright. I'm a really dependable man if you need help ladies, so don't hesitate to ask. I'm also very tall, a good 6'(unlike my other short comrade) and a great gambler. I'm lucky baby, I really am. My looks are to die for and I have stamina like you wouldn't believe if you know what I mean *chuckle* ^_~

Me and my party are currently heading west to stop the revival of Gyumaoh and destruction from such a revival. If you really wanna know who I travel with, I'll tell ya... A grumpy ass and violent old priest, a hyperactive and greedy little monkey and a great guy named Hakkai. From that you see that it can get awefully lonely without any fine young ladies...