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Yay! [7.31.05 @ 2:18 pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Well I battled with my LJ for about 2 hours last night trying to get the image map and repeating backround to work right and then I ran into an aligning problem. =/ But I got it all to work out right as you can see.

So onto a survery that I stole off of the goddess Ashley (girlcalledxkill.)

Random Thing...Collapse )

My room is done now but I am not going to be posting any pictures until I have all my new stuff for it boughten and installed. There is onyl one more thing that I need to buy which is my curtains but I have to install my t.v. mount as well which, well, Bob (mother's boyfriend) has to do since it requires a little bit of carpentry skill, which I have none of.

xx Alyse

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Re-Doing the Room. [7.26.05 @ 7:34 pm]
[ mood | drunk ]

Well from 10-4:30 today I worked on re-doing my room. I cleaned the entire thing top to bottom then moved about half of the shit out, covered the rest and started to paint my walls. I got about half of it done today. I will hopefully have it done by tomorrow but it will be tough because I have to do all of the trim to, so it probably won't be done till Thursday, and then I am going to throw out alot of my shit because I am a wicked bad pack rat and I save way to much shit. Alot of it just has to go, I have no room anymore for anything. Well I have before pictures and hopefully y Thursday I will have after pictures. Wish me luck.

Before...Collapse )

xx Alyse

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there she goes again... [7.16.05 @ 11:10 pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

So I got back from camping on Thursday and finally got to sleep in my own bed which felt great. Devin and I had a wicked good time together just hanging out in a loft and swimming. I kicked his ass in Monopoly 5 out of 4 times, don't ask how that is possible but it is. =)

Camping...Collapse )

Tonight I went to see a few local bands. Kayla and I only ended up staying for one and then left to get food with her friends because we were all wicked hungry. =) But I have to give credit to the band that we did stay for which was Therefore I Am. I am listening to them right now on My Space. I would have bought their demo, but I didnt't have alot of money on me and I knew that we were going to go out to eat and I was wicked hungry.

Ok well I had to stay over my Uncle's house last night so I am so fucking tired and I just want to crash in my won bed right now, which I am going to do. Enjoy the new layout of Rick from VH1's show Strip Search. He is pure sex in my mind. ^_^

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blah blah blah... [8.14.04 @ 11:19 pm]
[ mood | blah ]


This is going to be a private LJ. If you would like to be added leave a comment telling me that you added me and if I know you I will add you back. Simple no?

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