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We're not in Infinity
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Sunday, February 19th, 2006
12:52 am
Jen is here, so I am updating.


MOC tomorrow

Sister's wedding in a week.
Wednesday, February 1st, 2006
4:52 pm
Mat Leonard has been added to LENA'S LIST OF HOT PRESIDENTS...because he asked nicely.
And deserves it.
Friday, January 27th, 2006
11:35 pm
Steven went off at me for not writing meaningful LJ entries.
So, here, all. Here's something significant.


*James Monroe
*William Henry Harrison
*Ulysses S. Grant
*Woodrow Wilson (his wife, Edith Bolling Galt Wilson,was a babe, too)
*Calvin Coolidge
*Gerald Ford
9:35 pm
When you tried to build me up with the wrong words
All it did was kill me
And when you said you trust in all that I feel
I never quite believed you

And when you tried to help me out by telling me that we should be I disagreed

So hold me up
And you should see
You're not supposed to be my enemy

I know your side
I understand
But you can let me feel it safe in my hands

Your every word is full of doubt
I've never ever had a way til' now to let it out
If this is how it's got to be
It will never be easy

You can make this very easy
If you can show me, you believe me
You could kill me, you can kill me
You can make this very easy

So let me breathe
Just let me be
I'd show you more than
you could ever hope to see

Intentions are the same I find
But even if they are, I still need room to shine
So give it time, and give it space
This isn't just a slap across your face

If this is how, it's got to be
I will never speak freely

You can make this very easy
If you can show me, you believe me
You could kill me, you can kill me
You can make this very easy

Do you believe in me?
Believe in me now
Do you believe me?
You gotta believe, gotta believe me
Do you believe me?

You can make this very easy
If you can show me, you believe me
You could kill me, you can kill me
You can make this very easy

You can make this very easy
If you can show me that you believe me
You could kill me, you can kill me
You can make this very easy
7:35 am
I want to be Lisa Loeb.
Sunday, January 22nd, 2006
12:05 am
Oh. My. God. They're mocking Shattered Glass on SNL. I am so...oh, wow.
Thank you, SNL. Thank you, Peter Sarsgaard. Thank you, CHUCK.
Monday, December 19th, 2005
7:44 am
Monday, November 21st, 2005
7:46 am
Thursday, November 17th, 2005
9:10 pm
InCRedible CRucible Games! Yay, fun!
I saw Goody Smelkinson at College Night!
****START CHAIN....GO!****
Monday, November 14th, 2005
9:13 pm
Machete? Gun?
I don't know how an ap us discussion on enlightenment political philosophy morphed into...
Jacob: Lena, how about when Ms. Stark leaves the room, we see if you have a machete then??
Lena: I have a machete?
Max: To cut my head off with.
Mat: But she won't be cutting your head off if I lock her in a tank!
Lena: A tank? ...What will I be wearing?
*boy giggles*
Lena: Oh, shit.
Mat: No, no. A tank top.
Lena: THAT'S IT?
Max: No, a spiderman suit, minus the mask.
Jacob: YES!
Lena: You have some pretty random fantasies.

Had a mini tea party with Ashley and Shane today.
The first thing Shane said to me was "I'd like to see you with a gun."
What is it with me and weapons?
Sunday, November 13th, 2005
1:24 pm
Survey from Devra
1* First grade teacher's name: Mrs. Vezza
2* Last word(s) you said: "But you can call me, I'm just doing a resume."
3* Last song you sang: Juicy--Better Than Ezra
4* Last person you hugged: Dennie
5* Last thing you laughed at: Matthew being lame
6* Last thing you ate: bagel
7* Last time you cried? I don't know.
8* Favorite flower?: Don't have one
9* What color socks are you wearing: No socks
10* What's under your bed: boxes
11* What time did you wake up today: 7
12* Current taste: orbit sweet mint
13* Current hair: it's up, *shrug*
15* Current annoyance: Not annoyed
16* Current longing: Best not to dwell
17* Current desktop background: it's blue
18* Current worry: application
19* Current hate: stupid people?
20* Current favorite article of clothing: my xc stuff
26* If you could play an instrument, what would it be: drums, maybe
27* Favorite color: green
28* Do you believe in an afterlife: why not
29* How tall are you: 5 foot 8ish
30* Favorite number: 17
31* Favorite person: Matt
32* Favorite season: Fall
33* One person from your past you wish you could go back and talk to: Dunno
34* Skirts or jeans: jeans
35* What is your career going to be like: How should I know? Hmm. Filled with a lot of hard work.
36* What is your favorite inside joke: Daphne and Milo
37* How many kids do you want: Depends; right now, none. I may end up loving my husband enough to want to have his kids, though.
38* What languages do you speak: English, Latin, Spanish, and some Swedish.


39* Said "I love you" and meant it: Yes
40* Gotten in a fight with your dog/cat/bird/fish: No
41* Been to New York: All the time
42* Been to Florida: Few times a year
43* Been to California: Aunt lives there; yes.
44* Been to Hawaii: twice
45* Been to Mexico: Mhmm
46* Been to China?: On the way to Singapore
48* Dreamed something really crazy and then it happened the next day: All the time
52* Do you have a crush on someone: yep
53* What book are you reading now?: for school: the scarlet letter, for fun: slapstick
54* Worst feeling in the world: i can't pinpoint what it is, it just hurts
55* What is the first thing you think when you wake in the morning: "shower! YES!"
56* How many rings before you answer: it's all relative to the situation
57* Future daughter's name: Daphne
58* Future son's name: Milo
59* Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: not anymore
61* Wish you had: my license and a shitload of cash.
62* Worst Habit: over analyzing
63* Piercings?: in my ears
64* Do you do drugs: nope
65* What's you fav. movie: I don't have one
66* What are you most scared of: failure
67* What clothes do you sleep in? depends on the temperature; last night i slept in mesh shorts and a long sleeved shirt
68* Who is the last person that called you: Matt
69* Where do you want to get married: Dunno
70* If you could change anything about yourself what would that be: I'm not trying to change anything, so I don't know.
71*What does your shirt say: "New York Road Runners Foundation"
72* Are you timely or always late: timely
73* Do you have a job: No
74* Do you like being around people? relative to the situation
75* Best feeling in the world?: not feeling alone
76* Are you for world peace: it's a good theory
77* Are you a health freak: yes and no
78* Do you have a "type" of person you always go after: heh. dorks.
79* Do you want someone you don't have? nope
80* Are you lonely right now? i always tend to be, but i'm doing fine
81* Ever afraid you'll never get married: the thought doesn't bother me.
82* Do you want to get married: why not

84* Cried: No.
85* Bought Something: yes
86* Gotten Sick: nope
87* Sang: yes
88* Said I Love You: yes
89* Wanted To Tell Someone You Liked them: i did tell them
90* Met Someone?: i don't think so
91* Moved On from something: nope
92* Talked To Someone: yes
93* Had A Serious Talk: yes
94* Missed Someone: yes
95* Hugged Someone: yes
96* Yelled at Someone: nope
97* Dreamed About Someone You Can't Be with: nope
98* Hit someone: haha yes
99* Have you ever been heartbroken: yes
100* Do you like the way things are right now: yes.

Current Mood: happy
Saturday, November 12th, 2005
10:56 am
There’s a man over there that says he’s tougher than me,
but I've got eyes that can see through fantasy.
I think my life is passing me by.
-Sam Roberts.

Last night was filled with philosophical bullshit. Matt and I are great, we're 16 year-olds having a grand time, why do we need to ask eachother, "what are we doing with our lives?" Why in the world is that so necessary? And why are two people so young that still depend on their parents' wallets even thinking about that?
I've narrowed it down to, as I mentioned before, philosophical bullshit.
I blame those terrible angst books they make us read in school, like Catcher in the Rye. I hated that book.

Current Mood: disappointed
Thursday, November 10th, 2005
6:20 pm
Let me scream it for you.
Dating Gods:
Suck it,
Wednesday, November 9th, 2005
8:15 pm
Blender + lots of ice + apple cider= Lena no longer needs men.
Monday, November 7th, 2005
7:46 pm
So, what's my attraction to mellow indie rock? I don't really get it, but it makes me want to twirl for hours.

Yenn and I went into watch my mom run in the marathon yesterday...we missed her, twice. But it was super fun and swell and all those grand words anyway. I love the city in autumn. Watch me be cliche.

I also don't care how sketchy it is...Brightwood is beautiful at twilight. Something about the creepy rope you can swing from across the lake just makes me want to...dunno. End scene.

Cathleen's moving in in December. At least I still won't have to share a bathroom, and I'll have someone else to complain about boys to...even though Smelkinson and Claire are doing excellent jobs.

I'm happy Claire and I are still running...it honestly makes my day...among other things.

Until the next issue--
Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005
5:32 pm
Somebody, please, 2nd x^2 my head. TI-83 Crossbow me.
Tuesday, November 1st, 2005
7:43 am
Ms. Stark:
How very predictable of you to make me the 20 year-old barmaid for our colonial simulation. I'll be the best man-hating Emily Campbell you've ever seen.
Saturday, October 29th, 2005
5:21 pm
Skalloween tonight, boys and girls.
I'm a pirate, and I'm prepared to have my timbers shivered.
Thursday, October 27th, 2005
9:17 pm
captnboat: hey sexy
a1i1southOsanity: lame
captnboat: you know what fuck you
a1i1southOsanity: haa
captnboat: and i would like to
a1i1southOsanity: oh ok so now that you don't have a girlfriend we can turn the 'let's fuck lena' button back on
captnboat: well yeah

7:50 am
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