Тем-Темыч Гнус (_gnus_) wrote,
Тем-Темыч Гнус


Death By Stereo - Death Is My Only Friend (2009)
[Hardcore Punk]

1. Opening Destruction 2:58
2. The Ballad Of Sid Dynamite 3:12
3. I Sing For You 3:52
4. The Last Song 3:46
5. Bread For The Dead 3:08
6. Dead To Me 3:02
7. Forever And A Day 4:51
8. Wake The Dead 3:04
9. I Got Your Back 3:31
10. Who Should Die? You Should Die 3:06
11. We Sing Today For A Better Tomorrow 3:42
12. D.B.S.F.U 3:20
13. Welcome To The Party 3:18
14. Fear Of A Brown Planet 1:46
15. For All My Friends (The Unity Song) 3:40


Tags: music, video

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