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..::Leah::..'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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[28 Jun 2007|02:30am]
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[17 Jun 2007|01:43am]
so im thinking about getting a new journal...and actually updating in it a couple times a week....i used to ALOT, and now i do it like once a month, not even!! i dunno....

chances are, if i do make a new one, i will end up not updating it after a month or something haha

lemme know!
if i got a new one, would u add me?
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[07 May 2007|12:00am]
wow it sure as been a while since i updated,
well i got that new phone, the sidekick with t-mobile
its sick as shit, but i havnt gotten to my first bill yet
school is almost done, and i sure as HELL gotta bring up some of my grades, it sucks so bad...fucking A, for being late to class and/or not showing up or having something with tech that took up the whole day, i still have to mat my crap for photo and omg its redik so, redic

anyways, yea im still at publix, uhm i want a new job tho, im bored at publix haha got some cool friends from it, its just the whole doing the SAME thing day in and day out

i got an award at senior awards for having my photos on display, w00t!!

and Transformus?
yea im going
haha check it out now
funks YO brotha!
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[24 Jan 2007|10:04pm]
time for me to grow up....kinda

so im gonna start paying for my own phone bill...in other words im going back to metro cuz its cheaper and i text way more then i call, so the whole unlimited texting is VERY nice.

and im gonna have to start paying for half my car insurance...

cuz what im getting paid now is NOT enough to pay for my own cell bill and car insurance and other little things i need here or there...but yea...thats my life now
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[23 Jan 2007|08:46pm]

oh also, i have another picture that WILL BE on display at the Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art on Las Olas March 22-April 15

me and melissa win at life

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[21 Jan 2007|01:00am]
does a scanner see cleary? or darkly?
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[15 Jan 2007|07:20pm]
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[07 Jan 2007|12:54am]
im finally experiencing life through different point of views

bout damn time
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[25 Dec 2006|12:15pm]
nerry nerry nerry christmassss
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[04 Dec 2006|12:57am]
aghh i got my moms old ipod 60GB
i had a mini pod b4

this one is gonna hold so many more songs, andddd
photos, lol.

so im doing an extreme update to it, and putting the cds in my car onto my ipod for during school
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[03 Dec 2006|12:20am]
hey wat up

lil update on my life

uhm not much
thats about it

ive been working

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[18 Nov 2006|02:46pm]
i went to keiser college with mom
and i did a suprise entrance exam and passed....soo im applying there!
we went to the forensics/crime scene lab, cool place it was cold.
and we saw student projects (they had to make thier own crime scene and take pictures)
one girl did it and went to get it developed and they called the police thinking she did a homicide!!!

but yea im def. interested in going there, oh and i won a free t-shirt, chyea!

now work 3:30-10

and chances of seeing happy feet at 10:40!!!!!
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[13 Nov 2006|02:27am]
soo harry potter and the order of pheonix comes out in theaters on

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[08 Nov 2006|11:21pm]
school is school
work is work
i need to pay off my ticket so i can get what i want...good times ahead...hopefully
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[04 Nov 2006|10:55pm]
hope everyone is having fun at homecoming!
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[28 Oct 2006|03:01pm]
god this weekend sucks hardcore...
i cant wait till next weekend
when i can sleep over jess' house cuz we havnt hung out in a long time

i havnt hung out with any of my friends for a long time, it sucks

well i work today..

come visit me
Publix @ 441 and Holmberg
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[20 Oct 2006|11:14pm]
work today...and i didnt fuck up the money count! yay
i was fixing shit in the aisles and i was in the one with hair color and i kept looking at different ones, one part of me says to go darker, and one says blonder


mother is being a total bitch, what else is new
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[16 Oct 2006|10:08pm]
so i didnt go to school today...obviously

me and justin went to target so he could get some inovas and we went to corprate park and stringed, it was funnn

so he taught me a move...i still need to work on it tho, lol

we were going to go to kris' house but he had got home to late, so we had to leave

but FUN night
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[15 Oct 2006|11:56am]
hello bitches!
wat up... im on break right now....
totally pissed i missed rotc last night...wat a bitch!!!!

well i plan to go to house of candy then, fuck u!
uh i go back to work at 12:30 and i work till 3:30.....come visit and buy stuff from me!!!!!

ok bye
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[09 Oct 2006|05:17am]
the rave scene and the real me

im so glad i found this scene, the rave scene

im making so much more new friends, and if i was never in the scene or introduced to it, i would still be how i was in 9 and 10 and a bit of 11 grade...happy with the few friends i had/have....never thot about going outside of coral springs/parkland for anything fun to do...

i love this scene, everyone is SO nice in it, and introduce their selfs without judging at all...

i find myself now going to pompano(i know its not too far away from coral springs and whatnot, but its AWAY) deerfield, boca, hollywood...to find FUN, cuz there is none of that in springs or parkland, NONE, it is lame here, and im glad im out of my lil "stay-at-home-and-stay-in-a-safe-place-where-i-cant-be-bothered-or-hurt" shell....
and also having my license helps too, i can drive my own ass places to find fun instead of depending on mommy or my friends to drive me.....

as for making the new friends i love it! i didnt think i'd find them this fast.
but their all about the PLUR, all of it....MOST of the time there is no drama so we definetly got the peace....their sooo nice to evryone and to the new ravers, theres the love...they all stick together through thick and thin, theres the unity.....and nobody starts shit with anyone, theres the respect...

as for the new friends part...take tonight, someone randomly IMs me and i found out it to be DJ Br0ken bear...a DJ i have heard OF but had never talked to or met in real life...or let alone online...so he IMs me and introduces himself and whatnot "i saw u on the forums" forums as in EP forums, i chat on there....anyways,later on he tells me hes throwing a b-day bash for his girlfriends 21st b-day....and its in miami, but he invited me, even tho hes never met me or anything...so i feel SPECIAL....and im not one to be invited to parties really....
so in general its just nice to be appreciated(i dunno if thats the right word) or just to know the fact that im not completley invisible

its not so easy for me to make new friends...but when i get real tight with them, i keep them for a LONG time

yea this pretty much sums me up...i hope it was a bit interesting for you to read, and if u ever find a scene u like...stick with it for a while and see what happens, u never know...everyone could HATE you and never want u in it, or they can be loving and accepting with open arms....its ur call!
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