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Journal of Glorificus, Crazed Hellgod and Dictator of Hell

Glorificus the Great's Journal

Glory Hall
1 January
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Funny story, that.

See, all I wanted was to go home. I was the head of a triumvirate that ruled a Hell dimension. And dammit, I was the BEST. Until those sons-of-bitches that co-ruled me decided to lock me inside Benny-boy's body.

But we improvise. Got out, found my key, went a-chasin' after the Slayer...and it didn't exactly end with puppies and meadows. Actually, that's kinda how it did end, but you know what I mean.

Worked the 9-to-5 as a Torture Specialist in the malebolge for a while. Mostly paying off debts.

Hi, Hellgod.

So now I'm running Hell.

Gee, I love me.