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31 July

Right now I feel..
Right now I feel a bit
adore, almost famous, alternative music, anabolic frolic, beetlejuice, being a hypocrite, benton got bitter, billy corgan, bisexuality, black, black dickies, blessedbethyname, body art, body modification, borderline split personality disorder, bubbles, california, cartoons, cleaning, coal chamber, coffee talk, coloring, comfy shoes, compassion, computers, concerts, courtney love, crayons, craziness, cuddling, d'arcy wretzky, danny elfman, depression, dreaming, ear peircings, eve 6, eyeliner, faeries, fairy wings, falling in love, finger eleven, flyers, garbage, getting phone calls, ghost world, glitter, glow sticks, graphic design, guitars, gummy bears, hallucinating, happiness, happy hardcore, happy people, high fives, hole, hope, hotels, house parties, hugging, hugs, icons, in-n-out, independent films, industrial, jack off jill, james iha, jimmy chamberlin, johnny cash, kandy kids, kittens, la jolla, late night talks, life, living, living for no reason, lolli pop lust kill, long drives, love, make-up, making new friends, making out, marching band, marilyn manson, meeting new people, mill avenue, mortuary science, movies, music, myself, nine inch nails, old school no doubt, opiate for the masses, painting, parties, photography, piercings, pixies, pizza, plur, pop-tarts, progressive trance, punk rock shows, rain, random acts of fun, rave culture, ravers, raves, raving, rudiger, rx bandits, sharp things, shiny things, shirley manson, silence, silverchair, singing in the shower, slc punk, sleeping, something corporate, sound, sparkles, speeding, spinning, stabbing westward, stars, storms, style, swimming, system of a down, talking to strangers, tattoos, techno, thai food, the cure, the ocean, the smashing pumpkins, the white stripes, tour buses, traveling, trent reznor, trying, turntables, underground, vinyl, vnv nation, wings, wonder, you