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friends only.

due to the overwhelming abundance of dillholes in the world.

{edit 5.26.04 @ 2:44 a.m.} i am not adding anyone else to my friends list right now.


re: my bliss of another kind.

dear jessie,

some days i miss you so much that words cannot express. i wish i knew what happened to you..where you went..if you ever stop by..etc.

you know how to reach me if you ever want to talk. & i would *love* to hear from you.


ps. ilu.
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    nostalgic thinking about you.


i am so sick of judgmental fucks.


i would like to say something to those individuals who think they are so much better than everybody else:

pretty please? fuck off & die.

oh & ps. eat a dick while you're at it.
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"i've got three words for you. bob. fucking. sagget."

bahahahahaha. & you have me laughing hard..again. :D

ps. have fun talking to Tony Danza, & watching 12345678910 more episodes of "Full House".
*sticks tongue out atchoo*

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.sweet the sting.


"i'm gonna go drink some lemonade..cuz it's good."

gawd damn. the first message where you got the giggles, i had tears streaming down my cheeks from laughing. :p

i ♥ you.
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courtesy note.

the other night, i shortened my friends list a bit. for those of you whom i cut~ it was nothing personal, we either grew apart or there wasn't much of a connection in the first place. regardless, thank you for sharing a part of yourself with me.

take care & happy LiveJournaling.
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