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Grocery shopping ahoy.   
10:16pm 04/12/2005
  I have run out of cabbage.

And lemons.

And other things that I will not mention here.

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01:27am 08/06/2005
  One step closer.


There are so many new people in the high school. So much new data. So much to learn. I can't wait to begin.
08:49pm 29/10/2004
mood: contemplative
This Saturday should prove to be enlightening.

Considering what happened at the training camp before the Rikkai matches, I think it's best that I put off informing Kaidoh of this new... arrangement.
04:23pm 24/04/2004

How High Is Your Sex Drive?
Your Sex Drive Level Is.. - 58%
This QuickKwiz by eva71 - Taken 81726 Times.

How does one calculate the percentage of one's sex drive? Something to ponder over.
12:06am 14/04/2004
mood: amused
Inui x Kaidoh

Which Seigaku Regular Pairing Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

I am highly amused.

...that is a very flattering picture of Kaidoh...

Kaidoh really should update his journal more often... I think Momoshiro's getting rather upset about it.
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Excellent data.   
09:05pm 22/02/2004
mood: pleased
These journal things are providing me with so much data that I find it hard to believe. I've been reading the journals of not only Seigaku members, but players from other schools, and, as Oishi has, I have come to the conclusion that you are all insane.

I'm not one to speak.

Right, Kaidoh?

Either way. Hyotei in particular takes immense pleasure in corrupting the minds of the rest of the country's teenage population, I find.

But still. Data. Excellent data. Tezuka seems to have forgotten about his own journal, though. Haven't seen any entries by him other than the one announcing his web presence all those weeks ago.
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06:41pm 22/01/2004
  Apparently I didn't register for a LiveJournal early enough, so my name was not entered for the online doubles partner festival. Unfortunate. I would have liked to collect data on meet someone new.

More and more people are appearing online, and the Hyotei tradition of using their school's name as half of their username still stands. Oh, well.
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