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I have got to get the hell of LJ.
It is making my blood pressure go through the roof!
We have the Danish government closing web sites and muzzling newspapers they think are offending muslims. That scares the shit out of me and the majority of people on here are supporting it under some misguided multi-cultural tolerance banner.
I will tolerate other religions and beliefs, but I will not tolerate any religion telling what I can or cannot do or cannot think because it's against their religious laws. I do not believe in your laws you can not force me to follow them! And these governments going along with the religious extremists is just scary beyond belief.


Well I guess I can talk about Michael Pardo again......since he's dead now.

Shouldn't worry about suspension since LJ doesn't activley monitor journals and only the person being talked about can turn you in then I guess I have no worries right?

So what do you guys think?  Is this a concerned friend or still Pardo?


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Diary of a pedophile

Boy the internet is a haven for all sorts of scum and nutjobs.
I'm sure you've all heard the recent news story of the missing Idaho girl who was found with a registered sex offender. The low-life actually had a blog whining about how misunderstood he was. Love the post where he flat out denies he's a pedophile. Maybe he doesn't know the definition of the word?

Reading this just makes me have serious doubts about the registered sex offenders program. All it seems to be doing lately is letting the police know where to pick the perv up after he has re-offended. I think someone just needs to start using it as an extermination list.