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The Shady Place

let the sun shine in.

22 February
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i'm me. what else can i say?


me and sash

me and sarah

me and Sarah

so susie loves me...y'all should make me fan signs too damnit!

Eminem is the best damn rapper since pac...get over it.



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"give a fuck? i dont know what a fuck is to give it."

i dont know why this world keeps turning round and round, but i wish it would stop and let me off right now
my insecurities could eat me alive
it's a broke day but everything is ok i'm up all night but everything is all right, it's a rough week and i dont get enough sleep it's a long year pretnending i belong here

i see the light at the end but everytime i take a step it gets dim tell me is this hell we're living in? if so heavens gotta be better but if we're hellbound then whatever lets go down
Sometimes I'm real cool, but sometimes I could be a real asshole. I think everyone is like that
Dealing with backstabbers, there was one thing I learned. They're only powerful when you got your back turned
Unless you want to fuck me why do you care what i look like?
Life is like poker. It has an element of risk, an that shouldn't be avoided. It should be faced
The truth is, you don't know what's gonna happen tomorrow. This is a crazy ride and nothing is guaranteed
You can't out smart a smart ass


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Have you ever hated somebody so much that you wish they would just
leave&never come back; But yet loved them so much you'd die if the did?

You don't do it on purpose but you make me shake
Goodbye hurts the most when someone leaves without saying it
Same old story, girl meets boy, and falls much harder than him
the problem with resisting temptation is it may never come your way again.
I saw him again and I could barely breathe.
How someone can cause physical things to happen to you
by just coming into view is amazing to me
I don't know why I'm so afraid to lose you when you aren't even mine.
the day you chose to leave me it rained constantly outside in truth i swore the rain to be the tears in cupid's eyes
If you like me, say so. And if you don't, stop acting like you do.
i just wish i knew exactly what to say so i could be the one to take your breath away
suicide looks more appealing to me then watching you love her
I just gotta face it no matter how many times he makes me cry
Im gonna keep loving him some call it stupidity;
I call it love
maybe i'm not meant to be over him...
i mean, look at how many times i've tried.
maybe it's not working for a reason.
how does it feel to know your everything i need
the butterflies in my stomach they could bring me to my knees
I hope to god that this feeling is real.
That we both felt the same.
That this wasn't just a trick of the night.
That when you held my hand, you meant it.
you know when i say i hate him...
can't stand him...
wish i never met him...
why did he come into my life ?
i'm really sayin'...
i want him ...
i miss him...
why isn't he still in my life ?
for some fucked up, mind blowing, ass backwards reason.
i am still totally in love with you

u cant blame me for my stupidity, i'ma virgin ;-)

It wasn't a suicide attempt, it was an escape from everything awful. When we cut, we're in control. We make our pain, and we can stop it whenever we want. Physical pain relieves mental anguish. For a brief moment, the pain of cutting is the only thing in the cutter's mind, and when that stops and the other pain comes back, its weaker. Drugs do that too, and sex, but not like cutting. Nothing is like cutting...