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well i'm so tired, it might be because i didn' get home
until 4am or it could be because i didn't get up until 2pm..
either way i'm wiped.

so on thursday I went to Moore's art gallery of a Jewelry showing,
and although i only did half a year in a Jewelry course, i could
pretty much name all the Techniques they used in their art..
but anyway that was pretty good, new funky people, some great art,
food, drinks and dvd's.

Friday/ Sat: was getting home about 12:30pm then the fun job of
defosting the freezer. but on the plus side 6 new semi- insulting
t-shirts arrive in the mail.
the 7:30 pm ish head to Opera: Orpheus in the Underworld, looked
for people i knew for 30min until bumping into lee, watch the first
half which was pretty funny, then look for the rest of the people
that where meant to be there, bumped into Fru and a bunch of his
random friends, watch the second half which was fucking funny/
then 12am-ish Kandace birthday party. left about 2am caught
last train with Lee, then walk from perth to home...home about
4am. sleep about 5am
Today: slept for ages, my feet are killing me, they are alittle
swollen due to when i was walking home i was wearing my new/
yet to be broken in Doc's, so won't be wearing those for awhile.
meh really tired but probaly should stay up longer or i'll wake
up insanly early..