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yay, my foxy costume is almost complete just need to add pawpads and padded inserts,elastic for the pants.

This will be my back up costume if i don't finnish the other one in time.
It looks so cute, i wish i could post photos but my parents borrowed my camera for there holiday and won't be back until thur/fri.

I have decided to take a break and go out tonight due to hanging around the house and doing nothing but sewing is driving me alittle up the wall, plus the stress it getting to me. So i have decided to take a break..

just 10 days until swancon, eeep. I'm alittle behind on my to do list but hopefully i can catch up befor swancon..

what i Mean??

What Gilligan Means

G is for Giggly

I is for Irresistible

L is for Lively

L is for Luxurious

I is for Irresistible

G is for Gentle

A is for Ambitious

N is for Naughty

I'm just doublely Irresistible.:P

blaharg it hot and sticky and ick...

I swear I'll update soon with art stuff.

Oh and it seems the votes are in plushie dragon it is for swancon art contest thing. I'll probably start making or planning this week, and depending how easy or hard they are i' might make a couple to sell..