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Oh my, need help from Artistic folk

Ok so I really want to get a commission of a fursuit from Luskwood. But A need a Ref sheet of Sammy, before I can apply to get one.
Now normally I'd try to whip something up myself but my computer is down.

So I was wondering if maybe Munchi or falli or someone could make one for me please!
I can only pay cash, due to no money in my paypal account or I can trade fursuit Items.
But theres another problem this is very short notice, I need the ref sheet before june first.
It doesn't have to be perfect just three poses and some rough colour.

Something like this would be good as of poses:http://keovi.artspots.com/image/16444/reno-davis

Now onto Sammy I'd like him drawn chibi,young and shy example:http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y239/Gillligan/sammychibibyKuitsuku.png

I really like this charater sheet: http://luskwood.org/gallery/image/107
I'd love the legs drawn like that.

Info on Sammy: Male leemur, very young at heart but also very shy,
black fur, very long multi-coloured tail, white tuffed of hair, dark purple eyes.
Pink nose, pink paw pads, feet 3 toes, hands 3 finngers + thumb.

what you think, who can help me?