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well i'm so tired, it might be because i didn' get home
until 4am or it could be because i didn't get up until 2pm..
either way i'm wiped.

so on thursday I went to Moore's art gallery of a Jewelry showing,
and although i only did half a year in a Jewelry course, i could
pretty much name all the Techniques they used in their art..
but anyway that was pretty good, new funky people, some great art,
food, drinks and dvd's.

Friday/ Sat: was getting home about 12:30pm then the fun job of
defosting the freezer. but on the plus side 6 new semi- insulting
t-shirts arrive in the mail.
the 7:30 pm ish head to Opera: Orpheus in the Underworld, looked
for people i knew for 30min until bumping into lee, watch the first
half which was pretty funny, then look for the rest of the people
that where meant to be there, bumped into Fru and a bunch of his
random friends, watch the second half which was fucking funny/
then 12am-ish Kandace birthday party. left about 2am caught
last train with Lee, then walk from perth to home...home about
4am. sleep about 5am
Today: slept for ages, my feet are killing me, they are alittle
swollen due to when i was walking home i was wearing my new/
yet to be broken in Doc's, so won't be wearing those for awhile.
meh really tired but probaly should stay up longer or i'll wake
up insanly early..

costumes and life

well some people say i never update my lj but i do just not this one any i'm updating it now.

so whats been happening in my life

lets see this wont be in order we (well my sister) got a new kitten he's called George, he's so cute ( we adopted him when he was only 6 and he must be about 8 or 9 weeks now.

Me and Mog miss our 12 month anniversary but went to rotto the week after with my mum and aunt susan, who came over and stayed with us for a couple of weeks. I'd never met her but she's nice and like all of my mums side she's from england.I was also surprised she was only 30 and not married yet.
Rotto: even thou my mum, susan, my brother, his girlfriend clare, Mog and me went to rotto and stayed in the same place we still got much time alone time with each other. There was much time walking around together, beach, watching sunrise.oh and at the pub they have the best fish and chips.
unfortunely Mog kept getting burnt, i got burnt, clare is one of those really ditzy really blond people who can think for themselfs and didn't know you had to buy a return ticket, i felt sick on the way back as did mog.

oh i have been to afew job workfind places they were boring but the second was kinda a help.

Arkem left it was sad, but he's coming back for a bit soon. but awhile ago i was talking to paul and he was saying that arkem may come back a couple of times or some may vist him but after awhile he'll make new friends and move on with life, maybe not forgetting his old friends but there will be not much keeping of touch. Its depressing i know but I think too thats probaly whats going to happen too, it's happen many times to me before. people just tend when they make a new group of friend they out grow the old ones.

I went to GenghisCon for a day the last day, It was good to see so many people I hadn't seen for ages and met afew new people who commented on the funky tail i was wearing.

went to Kandace party it was get got to catch up with people, talk about costumes, got many cuddles and back rubs and head scitches.

I have bought a swancon ticket, have a costume almost finished. also I have been working on 3 othe costumes to auction off at the con, snipets in the cut below.

also some of you may know my funky lion or mult lion well he got a new set of teeth and will be shipped of to a new home.

stuff to do beforr swancon
email wuffy (anyone have her email)
giffion head (need to make and buy stuff for the paper mashie, wallpaper past)
2 dragon head
4 sets of wings
bottom of feet
much furring
2 sets of paws
(if time beaded dragons)

stuff to buy before swancon
contact bond
Christmas split ordaments (not sure wear to get them from)
green shag fur
red toy fur
black shiney viynl
blue bedroll foam
pattern scale fur
light green thread
foam sheets
scraps of grey perfer long fur
long read if possible
stuff for paper mashie

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