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swancon stuff

well it looks like theres no stalls left cause they are only having 8 this year instead of 16. Which means i have missed out so everything i have made for the stall will probaly just go into a box for next year. but some of it can just go up for sale at the art show, like the plushies and some of the jewerly.

I'm tempeted to bring a box of stuff and just try and sell it anyways...

blah also it looks like my trip to melbourne for nicks birthday is becoming more unlikely by the day.. which makes me feel guitly and sad. but i have so much to do befor Swancon, and i have very little money..but i'll probably know for sure if i can go thursday..but things look very doubtfull.


what i Mean??

What Gilligan Means

G is for Giggly

I is for Irresistible

L is for Lively

L is for Luxurious

I is for Irresistible

G is for Gentle

A is for Ambitious

N is for Naughty

I'm just doublely Irresistible.:P

blaharg it hot and sticky and ick...

I swear I'll update soon with art stuff.

Oh and it seems the votes are in plushie dragon it is for swancon art contest thing. I'll probably start making or planning this week, and depending how easy or hard they are i' might make a couple to sell..

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well i'm so tired, it might be because i didn' get home
until 4am or it could be because i didn't get up until 2pm..
either way i'm wiped.

so on thursday I went to Moore's art gallery of a Jewelry showing,
and although i only did half a year in a Jewelry course, i could
pretty much name all the Techniques they used in their art..
but anyway that was pretty good, new funky people, some great art,
food, drinks and dvd's.

Friday/ Sat: was getting home about 12:30pm then the fun job of
defosting the freezer. but on the plus side 6 new semi- insulting
t-shirts arrive in the mail.
the 7:30 pm ish head to Opera: Orpheus in the Underworld, looked
for people i knew for 30min until bumping into lee, watch the first
half which was pretty funny, then look for the rest of the people
that where meant to be there, bumped into Fru and a bunch of his
random friends, watch the second half which was fucking funny/
then 12am-ish Kandace birthday party. left about 2am caught
last train with Lee, then walk from perth to home...home about
4am. sleep about 5am
Today: slept for ages, my feet are killing me, they are alittle
swollen due to when i was walking home i was wearing my new/
yet to be broken in Doc's, so won't be wearing those for awhile.
meh really tired but probaly should stay up longer or i'll wake
up insanly early..

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So worse evening at work ever on weds, so I get to a
place I have never been before and see another flex guy
there who instead of finishing the last of his dishes
for his shift, he just leaves leaving me behind on dishes.
Nexted I find I will be alone organizing everything for
dinner which is ok cause the food is prepared I just have
to heat it up, but the girl before me didn’t leave enough
food so some of the residents just had to have sandwiches.
I didn’t end up having a break due to being behind on the
crap loads of dishes, the when it came to empting the food
bin, it seen a little heavy so I made sure to bend my needs
before lifting, but in process of nearly getting it into
the bin I got a sharp shooting pain in the back of my leg,
just before the bag exploded on me, icky food scrapes went
all over me, lucky I was wearing an apron thou that didn’t
help from the waist down.

The only plus I can see in this is I get paid and I didn’t
do such a bad job that they want me to work there Friday
and Saturday which is $26.80 an hour for Sat which
is almost $200 for a days work.

So Christmas, due to me spend all my moneys on gifts
I was unable to send out the gift I got for blazespirit,
grrrowly, rose_quoll and a few others, hopefully I will
be able to send these out this week.

I also hope everyone have a good Christmas, with or
with out family.

I had a pretty good Christmas heres what I got:
-Sushi making set
-pirates of the Caribbean 2 DVD
-over the hedge DVD
-ice age 2 DVD
-3 pairs of socks
- 3 tank tops : white, black, green
-$50 Myer voucher
-$50 spotlight voucher
-1 white wine
-bathe salts, shampoo, conditioner, body butter,3 types
of shower gel, body oil, soap, hand cream.
-a laminator, magnet, label and sticker maker: 4 in 1
- Bracelet and necklace
- 4 bags of skittles and a plush lion
- mint baileys
- Chocolates
- new double mattress
- blue sheet and pillow cover set

In other news the person who is paying off the bunny
costume I made and I’m making the new head for has
stopped payment and responding to emails so it looks
like I may have to put it up for action again and I
might make a new rabbit partial with the other head,
just not sure on the colour, was think white but not sure,
so maybe my watches can give me some ideas.

Meh I have also felt very unarty lately on the draw side,
I have ideas just there not coming out right on paper.
Blah but exspect more photo on the costume side thou.

Also I have a new icon thanks to Jake.