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I don't buy dvds as much as i would like, so i'm not sure what a good price or not.

Anyway is $140 AU (which inculdes shipping) a good price for: RED DWARF 1 - 8 : The Complete 8 Seasons?

i think in JB hi fi each season is about for about $46, if i can remeber right..

anyway if you could help me out that would be great.

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heh in a very flirty and cuddly mood..

anyway 1 lemur tail and 3 husky tails made today.
if i have no work tomorrow i will make husky ears to match the tails and actually make the fox pattern that i was ment to for today..

anyway going to have lunch and see shrek 3 with cute girl on sat, but i have heard the movie is a disappointment. le sigh.. hope the the day turns out ok.

might as well post this here

well i'm trying to get $40 US into my paypal account becuase i bidded on something on ebay and didn't relize they don't accept money orders only paypal.

so i'm doing a limited offer thing (so spread the word.)
first all my charm Bracelet are only $10 US (not inculding shipping)

and secondly also for limited time only I'm taking non moving jaw fursuit head commissions for only $125 thats more than less the normal price i charge. or $160 which includes a tail.
post here or email me if your interested.
all money will be going to my traveling fund.
you won't find a cheaper price.
does not include shipping.

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so if you know someone looking for a head or tail deal thing, this is the deal for them.