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GenghisCon 2009

I've had a few people ask me about the con, So I've decided to post info here for all those interested in going.

The program:
the website:
Where: Trinity College Conference Centre, Crawley, near the University of Western Australia.
When: 9th to the 11th of jan09

The pricing for memberships to GenghisCon 2009 is as follows:

›› $25 - Full Membership
›› $10 - One-day Membership

The prices for accommodation are:

›› $39 / Night - Student room: very basic accommodation, single bed
›› $44 / Night - Senior Student room: air- con, ensuite, but smaller than motel., mostly comes with double bed
›› $88 / Night - Motel room: is huge and fully self- contained, aircon, bar fridge/freezer, bathroom.

Please note that rooms are subject to availability, so if you do want a room, make sure you book one at the same time as getting your membership!

Once again, the new e-mail address for bookings is:

Hope this helps.

Also hope to see you there.
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