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Raise you hands to the sky gods - the rain isn't coming

Last night me, Anth and Luke seriously kicked ass! Lovely rare steak and 2 different kinds of salad. I drank a solitary beer. After the noms we picked up Penny dog and went to Ruffey Lake Park. We walked the 5km track. It was *so* much fun and a really nice time of night to be out (we started walking at about 9:30pm). When we came home I had a hot shower, washed my hair and sunk into bed.

And I've woken up this morning after a deep 9 hour sleep feeling absolutely fucking fantastic!
I pulled on some clothes and me and anth walked to Macendon square and back :D

Hope your beautiful sunshiney saturday is truly awesome! *send loves to eeeeeveryone*

The response: FUCKING WIN!

Hi Jane

Thank you for taking the time to send this email, it’s greatly appreciated.

From your comments I have requested the stores move the tattoo section next to Culture or Art.

We use to only have 1 or 2 titles in Tattoos but as I am sure you understand this category is now growing rapidly.

Thank you again for this suggestion and if you have any other Tattoo titles you know off that we don’t have please let me know

Thanks again

Ali Howat

Magazine Buyer

Borders Asia Pacific