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Beautiful Agony shout out.

Howdy folks, this is a copy and paste job from BeautifulAgonyHQ.

"Beautiful Agony is a bit stuck for guys at the moment so we're putting the call out. Tell your boyfriend, your husband, your brother, or better still, that cute guy you'd like to know better - what better conversation starter than "what does your face look like when you come?"

Basically we want anybody who's not just doing it for the money. And to show our appreciation, we'll sling you a $50 finder's fee for each guy who completes the task (limit of 3 guys per referrer).

We are *always* looking for lovely ladies to contribute to this project also."

If you want to book in for an interview, please call 03 9495 6555 and tell whoever you speak to that Jane sent you. Obviously if you're refering someone else give your name so you get a referal fee.

To look at the site in more detail go here, there is a showreel and some free content on the front page: www.beautifulagony.com

Any other questions, drop me a line here or send me an email.

This project currently pays $250 AUD upon completion.