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I need:

A new hairdresser... at some point. Sam left Cream and no one cut my hair like he did. Any recommendations for a good haircutter (I don't colour my hair)

A dietician. This is new territory for me, just wondering if anyone has someone they could recommend.

A naturopath. The one that everyone goes to and raves about please :)



I've been fiddling about with how I make my kefir and I'm really enjoying it. I'm making the kefir itself in full fat milk. Then when I make a shake with it at night I put it with low fat milk, lots of berries, a banana but I've substituted half the honey for some brown sugar and tonight I added a little bit extra milk into the shake and gotten it to thinner consistency I find much more pleasant to drink - thus I drank 2 glasses of it tonight rather than the usual 1. Yay! *pats self on back*

Thank you so very much for getting me started and I am definetly a convert to a yoghurty way of life :D xo

Raise you hands to the sky gods - the rain isn't coming

Last night me, Anth and Luke seriously kicked ass! Lovely rare steak and 2 different kinds of salad. I drank a solitary beer. After the noms we picked up Penny dog and went to Ruffey Lake Park. We walked the 5km track. It was *so* much fun and a really nice time of night to be out (we started walking at about 9:30pm). When we came home I had a hot shower, washed my hair and sunk into bed.

And I've woken up this morning after a deep 9 hour sleep feeling absolutely fucking fantastic!
I pulled on some clothes and me and anth walked to Macendon square and back :D

Hope your beautiful sunshiney saturday is truly awesome! *send loves to eeeeeveryone*


after struggling through yesterday feeling awful, today i am 'fully sick'. blah.

just made a docs appointment... hopefully no surprise blood tests this time :/

Back on form :) well sort of

After a night of fit full sleep and a snotty morning I am feeling pretty good this afternoon. I've actually managed to get some things done today, I always feel guilty if I don't get things done when I'm home even if I am sick.... Most importantly I've got some groceries now, made an appointment at the bank and been to the doctors. Alarmingly my blood pressure has shot back down again after almost a year of being okay, I have to 'keep an eye' on what I'm eating and continue to drink lots of water and ensure I have sugar during the day (this bit shouldn't be a problem).

I spoke to my mum and dad last night and I'm taking Topaz to Luna Park on Sunday :) They also brought up a very good point that came in the guise of a parental lecture. I basically need to take better care of myself, it would appear my immune system is complete bullshit and I need to boost my health back up. Even the doctor advised if my feeling of being tired and under the weather continues to perhaps have some tests done.

I'm going to make a concentrated effort towards my lifestyle and I'm also going to tag all my entries from now on to do with my health and monitor how often I'm feeling well ect and feeling sick or not sleeping.

Heres to being good to ones body for 2007 and ever after.

Hope everyone else is fighting fit :D

Ps. On a completely unrelated note if you hear me say "Ey" kick me in the shins. Thanks.
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Isn't it ironic!?!

I slept every night of the weekend and now I'm sick! Gah! Oh well the doctors said its just a viral thing and I'm 'resting and keeping up my fluids' and watching South park with a doona on the couch... Hopefully tomorrow I wake up betterer :)