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Sunday 18th of December

So it turns out we get the keys to the new place the afternoon of the 16th.

I'm moving the kitchen things that night and on Saturday we'll be doing just be doing boxes etc with the trailer.

Sunday 18th we have hired a truck with a lifter on the back.

If anyone can make it for Saturday or Sunday to help us, it would be muchos appreciated, although we know a lot of people are going to Kendal's shindig.

Knowing there won't be heaps of people around is the reasoning behind a 2 stage move over the weekend, so that even if it is a small group of people we will be okay :)

I will make sure we have a load of cold drinks for everyone.

Thanks :D

Halps please?

Could a few peeps possibly give me a hand to get down the marquee?

It's still up from the party and everytime there are a few folks around that could help me it's damnwell raining.

If it stays dry Saturday it really needs to get packed down, BOM says this to be true.

I need:

A new hairdresser... at some point. Sam left Cream and no one cut my hair like he did. Any recommendations for a good haircutter (I don't colour my hair)

A dietician. This is new territory for me, just wondering if anyone has someone they could recommend.

A naturopath. The one that everyone goes to and raves about please :)