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Beautiful Agony shout out.

Howdy folks, this is a copy and paste job from BeautifulAgonyHQ.

"Beautiful Agony is a bit stuck for guys at the moment so we're putting the call out. Tell your boyfriend, your husband, your brother, or better still, that cute guy you'd like to know better - what better conversation starter than "what does your face look like when you come?"

Basically we want anybody who's not just doing it for the money. And to show our appreciation, we'll sling you a $50 finder's fee for each guy who completes the task (limit of 3 guys per referrer).

We are *always* looking for lovely ladies to contribute to this project also."

If you want to book in for an interview, please call 03 9495 6555 and tell whoever you speak to that Jane sent you. Obviously if you're refering someone else give your name so you get a referal fee.

To look at the site in more detail go here, there is a showreel and some free content on the front page: www.beautifulagony.com

Any other questions, drop me a line here or send me an email.

This project currently pays $250 AUD upon completion.

Feck is hiring!


Artist & Repertoire Manager - Alternative Media

There is a porn problem in our community and we need your help to fix it. Intelligent people get turned on too, so why is all adult entertainment so badly made, so cheesy, and so mundane? It debases human sexuality and gives erotic arts and entertainment a bad name.

Our mission is to make good, intelligent, ethical erotica. We want to open people’s minds to the possibility of making and appreciating sex positive media that is just as rewarding for the contributor/artist, as it is the audience. We’ve been at it for 5 years now and doing a pretty good job, but we need more clever, broadminded people to help us to defeat the evil purveyors of gratuitous smut.

Your job will be to meet applicants, educate them in our credo, and show them what’s involved in our Projects. There is no hard sell, in fact we don’t even encourage our applicants, we inform them and they can decide for themselves whether to participate. You will also be responsible for marketing/advertising, working to budgets to achieve the highest possible response rate; maintaining records, and presenting reports to management.

As our contributors are almost exclusively female, it is appropriate that this job be filled by a woman. You’ll be part of a team of about 18 like minded, motivated and talented people, mostly women also, working in our busy Fitzroy office but occasionally, perhaps, helping out in our Byron Bay office.

You’ll need to be a people person, open minded and energetic; well organised, well spoken, articulate, with an awareness and interest in popular culture on the alternative side. Although there is no hands-on photography involved, skills and knowledge in that area are essential. You will also have above average computer skills, being proficient in Word and Excel and a confident Windows user.

This is probably not a job you have ever thought about, and not even an industry you ever had a mind to work in, but consider the possibilities. You’ll meet some fascinating people and be doing something positive for a much maligned genre of contemporary culture.

To be eligible to apply for this position you must have an appropriate Australian or New Zealand work visa.