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Marquee information and prices.

On Saturday morning Adam and I went to check out the canopy company we found online, that looked to have good quality marquees at the best prices.

They are awesome!!

We can get a super strong commercial marquee with hexagonal legs and all metal connections and supports. It comes with a 5 year warranty too! All marquees come with a bag, guy ropes, pegs and wall toggles.

It definitely looks like the option of joining together two 3x3's works out cheaper and much better than the 6x3 stand alone marquee.

In terms of functionality, we obviously get much more flexibility with two 3x3's - we can use one or both and these marquees are designed to join together. We can purchase a gutter to run between the two 3x3's for $20 and we get 10% off when we buy 2 marquees making this a cheaper option.

The marquee guy asked us some questions regarding intended usage and pointed out to us when it is windy the gusts will pass between the two peaks on the 3x3's whereas with the 6x3 the wind gets caught in the 'fin' on the top of the marquee. Our current 6x3 cover is damaged and totally stretched out from wind.

There is an awning option for either marquee size, making them a better shelter in general. We saw the awnings on a marquee and they are simple to put up and down. It's $160 to get an awning down one side of the shelter (whether we go with the two 3x3's or the 6x3)

The two 3x3's come with 3 walls each - meaning we can totally enclose the 6x3 structure if needs be, whereas the 6x3 comes with 3 walls, but that means one of the long sides is always open. All of the wall types are of our choosing too, so we can get shade mesh, solid walls, windowed walls or doorway walls ect.

There are printing options also - basically we can pre-decore our marquee, for example with the DMF logo.

Basically for two 3x3's *with* the gutter to join then together it is $1496 - to get a 6x3 it is $1650.

Awnings down one side is $160.

Printing is extra, $313 per 3x3 or $460 per 6x3. I think this is a good option, as we will have decore marquees that will be perfect for any event we put on. Also saves us having to make decore for them for Samsara, for instance.

An example on pricing: if we bought the two 3x3's with a gutter, the awnings down one side and the DMF logo printing on both marquees it would be $2282.

This is a lot of money, yes, but this is an item that is warrantied for 5 years, comes with everything we need and possibly some extras, such as printing if we want it. These marquees are designed and built to last for a long time and anything else we need for it, is very local, they're just over in Bayswater.

Please post your thoughts, comments or questions - we need to get this moving as I do not think our current shelter will survive another round of RSF high winds.

Who has?

The big marquee please? I have replacement sprung guy-ropes for it.

The tee-pee? I'm going to make 1 or 2 extra solid segments for the mesh sides. It only came with 1 additional piece...


DMF crew meeting

Howdy DMF-ers,

DMF crew meeting is Sunday May 8th at 10am - 311 High Street, Ashburton.

No one has raised any issue or objection to this date, but I am making it morning time just in case anyone has last minute Mothers Day things on.

Before you piss and moan that 10am is too early, I have been keeping an eye on the G-calender, there is nothing on the night beforehand, save a bit of light painting for Brendan's photo-thing AND I will provide breakfast for the meeting attendees.

Thus, in light of the serious task of not running out of bacon, who is coming?

Insofar I have:

Jess S
Luke D
Pete H

Please let me know :)

Also, would folks prefer the agenda on lj or on facepoop?


Halps please?

Could a few peeps possibly give me a hand to get down the marquee?

It's still up from the party and everytime there are a few folks around that could help me it's damnwell raining.

If it stays dry Saturday it really needs to get packed down, BOM says this to be true.