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Splishy-splashy - take 2

Let me know if you want any of the following and I can drop it over to you :)

1 x 6 pack of Fat Yak: $12

1 x Slab of Corona: $45

Bottle shop 'on special' prices for what is left of the Smirnoffs + Rekorderligs:

Rekorderlig: 3 bottles for $18 - there are some Mixed Berries, otherwise predominately Strawberry and Lime

Smirnoff black bottles 4 packs: $18 (there are 3 x 4 packs left)

All spirits left will be put into a mega cocktail party at RSF, details of which to follow shortly :)

Doof site win!

We have lift off.

Yesterday Adam, Rowan, Ash and I trekked back out to Lerderderg State Forest and found the perfect site (and a better backup site too):

It's located on:




Seems to good to be true no!?

See the map of the precise location here:


This is the view of the dancefloor/main area, from the track.


This is a closer view of the main area (although you can't fully see the cul-de-sacs either side of the d-floor) It's about 30 paces across both ways. The dome/stage would be setup on the opposite side to where I'm standing taking this photo:


Room for about 30 cars close to the main floor:


Plus there's a spot a few hundred metres up the road for DMF vehicles and room along the sides of the track for more cars.

This is up and on the way towards the chill/healing space, my shot of the actual clearing didn't work out and I stupidly took only 1 shot. This area is to the right and behind the main dancefloor area:


Ultimately this is a super lush site, enough of a clearing, lots of trees, a clearing away from the music for chill space and healing. Plenty of spots for camping and a reasonable amount of parking as well. There is a creek in a small gully and on the other side is a huge, pretty much sheer cliff face, it's in the direction we want to point the music at which is perfect!

We also found a backup/emergency site another 6 km's down the road - it isn't as good, but would suffice if we couldn't use this spot at the last minute.

From here we will be contacting the ranger :)


Stop arguing on the internet, please.

It's awful, it's ugly, no one EVER wins and it will all be discussed and hopefully get sorted out tomorrow.

Just one more sleep!

Who has?

The big marquee please? I have replacement sprung guy-ropes for it.

The tee-pee? I'm going to make 1 or 2 extra solid segments for the mesh sides. It only came with 1 additional piece...


DMF crew meeting

Howdy DMF-ers,

DMF crew meeting is Sunday May 8th at 10am - 311 High Street, Ashburton.

No one has raised any issue or objection to this date, but I am making it morning time just in case anyone has last minute Mothers Day things on.

Before you piss and moan that 10am is too early, I have been keeping an eye on the G-calender, there is nothing on the night beforehand, save a bit of light painting for Brendan's photo-thing AND I will provide breakfast for the meeting attendees.

Thus, in light of the serious task of not running out of bacon, who is coming?

Insofar I have:

Jess S
Luke D
Pete H

Please let me know :)

Also, would folks prefer the agenda on lj or on facepoop?


DMF patches

Okay so the DMF logo patches will be 80 rupees each if we buy 100. So thats like roughly $2 a patch. They are individually sewn round patches and we've gotten a sample made and are happy with the quality.

Do people actually want some?