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Suitable title?

Okay folks, I need some help.

I'm going to make a photography blog/myspace (haven't decided which yet) but basically I'm going to make a place to direct people to, for examples of my photography, my experience, how to contact me and bio information etc.

This really cannot happen until I think of a name...

Insofar I have come up with 2 ideas: OtherWorld Photography, although I think this sounds kinda nerdy. I also thought of Eon Photography, but there is already someone using it. Doh.

Any ideas or suggestions you have would be more than welcome, the more I try to think of a name, the more stuck I get.

Pressure is not conductive to my creativity it seems :/

I do really need to start working on this within the next month, my exhibition is in October and I want to also sell some mounted images at RSF, possibly St Andrews too.

*fingers crossed* my brain unfogs itself shortly and I come up with something brilliant...

In the meantime I think I will start working on where I want to do this, layout and content etc while I try to work out a name.