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Waxing 101

My waxing technician course is going really well. There's only myself and another kiwi lady, plus a girl who is doing a beauty diploma within the college itself working with our awesome teacher - it's really, really hands on too. I haven't fucked anything up yet, which bodes well for all of you!! We watched a film on hygiene, technique, aftercare etc etc to start with. Now it's quite literally: learn the theory, discuss/ask questions, practise on a small area/discuss/ask more questions and then do a complete (half and half with the kiwi chick) job.

Although I have done my own waxing off and on, waxing for friends, Ash's damn uni-brow etc for ages now so it's cool to see I've been mostly doing everything correctly all these years!

So far in my course I have actually waxed: half leg, full leg, arm pit and bikini area/line. I observed a full Brazilian wax yesterday, then sat for one as the other girls needed a model and today I did half of a brazillian wax (with the kiwi chick doing the other half). It was on a girl who had only EVER shaved her pubic area and a word to the wise, if you want fully or partially bald genitals I thoroughly recommend always waxing or at the very least epilating. For serious, shaving is the devils work. The skin around her genitals was so badly damaged from shaving/in-growns/rashes and we had to work very hard to remove hair from the areas that had obviously been shaved repeatedly for a number of years. She was only in her early twenties too.

It has all been very educational, interesting and the method of teaching basically exactly mimics the way I tend to easily consolidate information and learn things, so it's fucking awesome for me. I am genuinely learning at a rapid pace, the days go so quick and it is actually really enjoyable.

Tonight I need to read more of my course work stuff, research all the supplies and equipment I haven't yet bought and start putting together my own price lists for what I will be charging for waxing.

For those who don't know I am currently converting a room here to a waxing space so I can work from home. I am thinking for the first couple of weeks after I become qualified I will offer 50% off all services so that I can get heaps and heaps of practise and feedback.

Only a week and a bit more to go!

So totes calling my space/business 'Waxing Lyrical' :D
Tags: business, skills, skincare, waxing

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