_gethsemane_ (_gethsemane_) wrote,

Samsara Meeting

Hello Samsarians!

The Samsara meeting is going to be held at Blen et al's, in Brunswick, Saturday the 12th of May, at 2pm sharp.

I would suggest arriving with lunch inside your belly, we need to get straight into things and have a great many topics to cover.

Please bring along your dreams and goals, but mostly your ideas, research and planning, for all areas of Samsara 2012.

I will bring the money numbers + social media/promo stuff along.

So excited to continue the Samsara journey with you all :)

**Additionally, I also propose a $10 donation, from everyone that is able to, at this meeting to give our party fund a boost, right from the start**

Thanks heaps and see you there! x
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