_gethsemane_ (_gethsemane_) wrote,

Splishy-splashy - take 2

Let me know if you want any of the following and I can drop it over to you :)

1 x 6 pack of Fat Yak: $12

1 x Slab of Corona: $45

Bottle shop 'on special' prices for what is left of the Smirnoffs + Rekorderligs:

Rekorderlig: 3 bottles for $18 - there are some Mixed Berries, otherwise predominately Strawberry and Lime

Smirnoff black bottles 4 packs: $18 (there are 3 x 4 packs left)

All spirits left will be put into a mega cocktail party at RSF, details of which to follow shortly :)
Tags: dmf, splishy-splashy

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