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hello used garage sale sign

im so happily intoxicated now

lisning to jimmy eat world<3
amazing band

bowling for soup betty is a fucking scene cuntrag who needs to get hit
thats the name me and amanda made up foer her so we dont have to use her actual name and make people mad

BUT p.s.
i stole a tux from savers today
coat pans AND vest
its the new hotrnees
i went to club hell tonight it was lame cua nicole and keith weret there
nicole and keith brighten my days
i love nicole
i love keith
i love et tu brute
i love you
i love happy
i love smile
i love sugar on the asphault
i love sucking at spelling

these kids
a group of lamo big time shammess
made a "gang"
calle dirty jersey

and they want me dead
i like the attention they give me

one of dirty jerseys memebers is asain
and small
and his name is in the word thumb tack
(hint its not thumb)

fuck egg rolls
mike silva use to be my best buddy
noww he wants to fight me thats retahhhhded

angie is amazing with water colors

are you gonna live your live wondering standing in the back looking around

taylors mom knows a donna

DONNA is filthy
filth love is tight

I <3 tessa filth
hes my favorite

are you going to spend your life standing in the back looking around

fuck mcdonalds

i own a sega genesis

i wont lie

i some how like clovers

i ownb a kiitten
name nigga what

its SOOO cute i hate cats
but LOVE nigga what

and clovers
my mom bought cereal
cheap ceral the no nae brand well it has a name but iu dont know it

its might fucking tasty

sometimes when im alone i sing toi myself

last night i drove home high from danielles house
and i talked to myself in a french accent alone
and laughed
so fuck al gore

look down on
just try your best

one day we smoked at dannielles and her mom put on a trench coat a red hood a FAKE MUSTACHE and the filthiest glasses ever (r.i.p)


"ayeee gweeeeeto"

and i died of a heart attack
no lie

i have to go to chruch sunday
cuz my sister confermation
so im gonna wear my savers suit
with hot pink shoes
and B.O.

i love sprinklers in the spring
i love 82 degree weather
and fries

rip my hear right out
if you still care at all
dont go tell me now
if you love me at all
dont call


i miss milc

i miss patt
and hobo nights at 711

i heart emily times 30
hampsters are gay
turtles rule

i like confetti cake with vanilla frosting

i saw jessie and mike rod at club hell today i enjoyed there presence

i hate beind dumb
but i like smoking pot
so ill accept being dumb

some times i wish i were sXe
some times i lie alot and say i wish i were sXe

likes a blur
i think my bridge got infected
or is getting rejected
i hope not i like it
even if someone said it looks dum who cares
she has cankles

the other night conan obriens muscial guest was
if you just smiled and said i like slipknoit fuck you
if you just said ugh slipknot is so fucking terrible id rather be taped down and beat with clubs then i love you
i love nicole rizzo
i love keith avila
i love patt webb
i love maria milc
i love mr t. in your pocKet

those are my favorite people evs

i dont like dirty jersey
i dont like mike
i dont like armond
i dont like leaving a show and getting chased by 30 kids

im still running away
woah woah
i was spinning free
i use to like the thing at the park
that spun forevs
it was fun
when i use to go to summer camp
i acted tuff
and got spun mad fast and fell off and broke my collar bone
and cried like a bitch

my mom says im tuff


when i close my eyes i go blind?
when i open my eyes i see

i love you more today than yesterday but less than tomorrow

now i never have a chance

arab on radar is a good band
jackie chan is insane

tack eats eggrols and wants to fight me
i toldhim hes to small
CUZ he is
mike wants to fight me
i dont wanna fight

i never said thankyou for that

last shot of vodka....

ok i have completed it
good stuff

i smoked 4 ciggerettes in 1.3 minutes
that was before
this is now

i have a pack of cloves
there good pass it on
but i only smoke when im drunk cuz i dont wanna get addicted
goodnight san diego

heather hancock is a dumb fucking slut and i hope she gets raped by a black guy with a 12 inch dick

and eric going to jail
that makes me happy
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    arab on radar


me and my friend have been working on this new band


and on
JANUARY 14th at the Taunton mall
at exactly 7:58 were going to play until we're arrested

if your interested IM me: Jasmine Filth
and ill tell you the exact location

the more people that show up the happier
i will feel about myself at the end of the night

to be there or just suck at life

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today was sorda eventful

woke up

went skating

i was suppose to go to emily's

but she never called, wicked sad to the max


got wicked extremely hella ultra drunk
and went to a local show

i was having a glorious time
then someone punched me in the face and tried to fight me

so i left

went home

then i went to a party at some girls apartment
got mad drunk
hung out with awesome people
watched chris rock and
ate mac and cheese

one love and i'm out

So ALivesies loving life

Hey, my names corey.
I will admit that 45 seconds prior to this page loading i did indeed smoke, yes indeddsies.

im going to talk to you about last night, OH last night was an amazing in the books night,
This story start around ummm nightish
i got out of work around 5ish went home called avila he picked me up and i got my mom cahh, loading with vodkas and teen spirit.
give me a second to luahg about the last thing i just worte , back on track we drove down and got taylor. Taylor, keith and I were going to some show in taunton at some record store
we get there no bands but i need to pee so i try to find as bathroom and the basement was mad dark it was wierd i left we went to the mall walked around ate went back to the show no bands i drink drink drink getting ready for the show, taylor comes over and goes ahah no show, ok im drunk, so we went to the gallaria mall and walked around drunk as hell and i kept seeing kids with band tshirts and i would go up to them and be like name an album by them and they go " aye uhhh ohh" and im like shut the fuck up. i hate when people wear band shirts and dont even know an album name. GAHHHBAAAGGE, some people didnt even know song names. THHHEN i saw this kid with an anarchy wrist banned, so i commented, i said wearing an anarchist writs band makes you a hypocryt why you ask because you bought that at hot topic and you payed tax and he was like uhhh im gay then we made fun of him for mad longsies, walked around saw him again of course harrased him and his butched fetus if a god only knows what she is and she was like 18 and all the kids were 14 but the kid i was making fun of looked like drew carrey and john candys love child were going to call him CRUNK he looked maaad old too, then he said"kid come out to the praking lot and ill show you what a 14 year old can do" then we fiollowed him and he called securty then me keith and the security guard made fun of CRUNK then we walked away and tryed to follow them but didnt then we bumoped in with this red hed albino looking gangster with one tooph amd i still havent figured out its gender but she like yeaaa nigga you got weed and i thats sketchy. then we drove home after the night was over, and it ended.

i want to buy a rainbow belt buckle that i saw because i think its so awesome do you think thats a bad idea, HAHAHAHAHA

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october 8th

last night was jammers, emily and jackie came down and picked me up
it was kinda awkward, because not much conversation was exchanged, but i still tink there 2 awesome characters, i hope they didnt hate me or suttin, we'll find out.

WELL any ways last night they picked me up we drove alot and smoked alot it was grand then we went to some bonfire thingee it was a chill enviroment but the people were fucking gay as hell there was this one slut who fell ass first into the fire she was a fucking mess, of course i laughed in her face

then i drank quite the amount of vodka got tipsy

left the "party"
passed out in some kids basment on a sofa with a blanket covered in choo-cHoo trains that covered only my upper half

i had a wierd dream i have no idea of what it was about but it was fucking wierd, then they brought me to a mcdonalds so i could number 1 then they dropped me off at home.

i think there amazing.

and i bought the new mewithoutyou cd and it is pure sex in the form of cd
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