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Trudy Cooper
19 July 2010 @ 03:10 pm

Hi guys,

This is loooong overdue, but I can’t put it off any longer.

 Yes, Grit has been on hiatus.

 Long story short: I’ve been struggling with myself over Grit, and after much weighing-up and soul searching, I (personally – not Danny) can’t keep doing this the way I have been. Before panic sets in, this doesn’t mean I’m dropping Grit. But I am dropping the format of single-episode releases.

 Grit will return, but it needs a new website, new page-at-a-time archive so that we can start doing page updates like every other webcomic does. I loved the immersion of the flash format, but practically it’s time to lose it. I’m working on getting the funds together to get the new site built, but can’t give any dates. The forum will stay, but everything else won’t, so if you want a heads-up when the new site is built and Grit is back, I'll give one here as well as the forum thread.

 And before anyone offers (having had offers already) to do the site for us, thank you, truly, but I need it done professionally by someone in my own city – and have someone lined up to do that who I trust and have worked with before.

 Sorry for taking so long to post this, ‘the guilts’ and procrastination are bffs.