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Trudy Cooper
19 July 2010 @ 03:10 pm

Hi guys,

This is loooong overdue, but I can’t put it off any longer.

 Yes, Grit has been on hiatus.

 Long story short: I’ve been struggling with myself over Grit, and after much weighing-up and soul searching, I (personally – not Danny) can’t keep doing this the way I have been. Before panic sets in, this doesn’t mean I’m dropping Grit. But I am dropping the format of single-episode releases.

 Grit will return, but it needs a new website, new page-at-a-time archive so that we can start doing page updates like every other webcomic does. I loved the immersion of the flash format, but practically it’s time to lose it. I’m working on getting the funds together to get the new site built, but can’t give any dates. The forum will stay, but everything else won’t, so if you want a heads-up when the new site is built and Grit is back, I'll give one here as well as the forum thread.

 And before anyone offers (having had offers already) to do the site for us, thank you, truly, but I need it done professionally by someone in my own city – and have someone lined up to do that who I trust and have worked with before.

 Sorry for taking so long to post this, ‘the guilts’ and procrastination are bffs.


Trudy Cooper
19 December 2009 @ 02:57 pm
Regarding the bit in Scots-Gaelic: Càite or "Càit" is not "Kate", as I've seen a few guess so far.

The line is repeated in English when Jeremy's on the beach. There's no important information in Scots-Gaelic that isn't delivered in English, we promise.
Trudy Cooper
18 December 2009 @ 12:23 am
This one might take a little longer to load, so make yourself a cup of tea while it's loading. I upped the image quality since the episode is so dark, so it's a bigger file than usual. Just in time for Christmas! Nice!
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Trudy Cooper
09 December 2009 @ 12:11 pm
For those of you so inclined, you can now follow us on Twitter.

Handy for updates and episode progress without needing to subscribe to each episode-progress thread on the forum! Also good for random news, when random things of newsworthiness occur.

Also: Ep 20 inking is done, and I'm now onto the scanning and toning bit. Second last step - getting ever so close now!
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Trudy Cooper
07 November 2009 @ 12:29 am

Only 4 more pages to draw and I'll be over the long bit.

Teaser pic!

I'll be interstate this coming week, but will get back into those final pages when I get home. Then onto the much faster inking stage!
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Trudy Cooper
01 September 2009 @ 11:45 pm
Yep, crossed that halfway mark!  Had a work caning since the last update which has meant slowed progress on Grit, but hopefully that'll ease off a bit next week (without of course easing too much. Oh the delicate balance!). Apologies for a less that thrilling teaser panel, but once again anything other than Kate and André is way too spoilery, especially Jeremy. So you'll have to wait for the whole ep to get the OMG bits, and believe me, there are OMG bits.


...Just that that's not one of them. Too bad!

And before I forget AGAIN (I've seriously been meaning to mention this since before ep 19 went live): THERE IS A NEW EMAIL ADDRESS! If, in the last year or so (yes, I know) you've emailed the old address (the platinumgrit.com one), you might not have had a response from me because spammers got hold of the domain email addy and we couldn't fix it. Our SP was cracking the shits and I have zero computer savvy, so we ended up leaving the old addy to the cobwebs. Instead, there is a new Grit email address:

clanmacconnor at gmail dot com

Again, apologies for any unanswered emails, and for forgetting to mention this earlier (memory of a goldfish, I swear).

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Trudy Cooper
26 August 2009 @ 10:12 pm
I was asked to do a guest strip for Menage a 3 which is up now. The more I look at it the odder it gets, though despite its WTFishness, her readers were remarkably kind! Every time I've done a guest strip, I wonder that perhaps I shouldn't have and someone ought to have told me so (Friends don't let friends do guest strips!). This is not because I don't enjoy it, but because I seem to resort to mauling at least one cast member.

In this bracket of guest strips is one by the incomparable finkenstein , which you should go back and look at because it is beeeautiful. <3

Anyhow, Menage a 3 is a ribald farce (think Three's Company in Montreal with waaaay more gay sex) penned by Gisele Lagace and Dave Zero. Gisele was also the artist for Penny & Aggie, though she's since moved on to Ma3 and her other strip Eerie Cuties. Gisele has awesome art skills that tread a mix of Archie and anime style with her own unique signature. Really, seriously delightful on the eye. I don't think I've ever seen Giz get lazy, her lines are crisp and her form is solid. Anyhoo, to the links with you!

Trudy Cooper
04 August 2009 @ 01:17 am

I'm third of the way through the art on ep 20, and thought it might be time for a teaser glimpse. Apologies for the munted quality, I may have to have words with the scanner:

Any teasers are pretty much just going to be André or Kate, lest things be too spoiler-ed.
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Trudy Cooper
12 May 2009 @ 03:23 am

I FAIL. (in fuchsia)


Huge HUGE apologies, but there was a missing frame from episode 19 in the uploaded flash file. It is now fixed, and the episode is complete (which explains that André was never involved with Nils - I was wondering where the fuck that idea was coming from until Danny called me and said "um...").


My fault completely - that's what I get for pushing through to 3am (and hey, I'm doing it again)! I'm sorry for any confusion.


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Trudy Cooper
11 May 2009 @ 02:48 am

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