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So last day of school turned out to be not so sad, and pretty tiring.
We ended up going to the barfly as planned, of course at first dancing wasn't going to be a thing a would do, but after about 1 snakebite and four tequila shots, i felt ready for people to be blown away by my funky moves. Jenny was... Jenny when she is drunk, fun but ended up having this American girl that we had spoke to before, help her from the toilets, nice. Jenny insisted she went home, so she got a lift back. and everything was fine!
So, on with the dancing, which i must say was really good, i can really pop some moves. But then got smothered in the armpits of two 40 year old drunk men who wanted to dance (it's cos of my great moves), which was just...yeah.
Basically it was a good night, by this point we had met 3 people, 1 who bought my drink (woo) and saved me from the weird drunk man. And another who's called Chris??? yeah...........................................................................
So after even more dancing, and mind you by this time i was THE best dancer in there. A random guy came up to me and asked me if i wanted to smoke some hash, which i did, so me and Mati went out to smoke some (the barfly was clearing out by now) he was so so so  so nice, (Margaret if your reading, it's like he would be one of Joe's friend) and yeah he was cool, also called Chris.
So then, me and mati began to walk to the bus stop, when we were waiting for this bus, we met another guy who just randomly started laughing at something i said, which makes sense cos i'm so funny, yeah he was cool.
But yeah then we got the bus back, sat on the benches, and the sun was coming up, so we looked at that too, and thats about it!
Also in the barfly me mati and jenny got one of these!: