Tags: whingin



Today momma made me go to the doctors about my ears (and the fact I can't really hear out of them). I tried to say to the doctor "honestly, it's no trouble, I like watching everything with the subtitles on" - but off I've been packed to the audiology department for scary hearing tests with big ear muffs.

On the way back from the doctors my mum also made me pop into Cafe Nero's to see if they had a job. Well, obviously they didn't - I have tried to tell my mother over and over again that you have to be foreign to work in a coffee shop (I know, racism) - preferably Italian. My mother has her heart set on me working there though, God knows why.

On another note, I'm bored with nothing to do. What is there to do in London on an extremely small budget of £00.00? I should at least try and enjoy my half term.

Someone should have a ridiculous party so I can stumble around drunkenly. That's always cheap.