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Flashy and Pretty


Dear Mr. Davies and others involved in Torchwood,

Please, next time you decide that Owen can't give someone the kiss of life because he is dead, remember that he can use every other muscle in his body - so why not his lungs? He has been talking the whole time. Unless I'm mistaken, to talk you do have to sort of draw breath in etc. Also, you could have edited out the excessive amount of heavy breathing he seemed to do in the episode if you wanted a more convincing effect.

Oh my God. Am I seriously dissecting Torchwood plot holes? This is Torchwood. The storyline is made of plot holes. There is no story except plot holes.

I am so lame.
Flashy and Pretty


Dearest Ianto,

All this hilarity is entirely inappropriate. Snappy-one liners? Growling? DASHING? BED-SIDE MANNER?

I know that love is a many splendored thing but I am entirely unused to you being happy. I suggest you cease and desist with this insanity at once. You should have worms crawling in your stomach and pain in your hidden depths of angst and coffee.

Yours truly,

Flashy and Pretty


Here are some nice Torchwood spoilers:
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Also I have been listening to this song it adequately represents my STATE OF MIND RITE NOW.
I'm trying to cut down on my caffeine consumption
So when I get up I just have one cup of coffee
And I like to have another cup of coffee with my breakfast
And on the way to work I like to get a cup of coffee
Like the kind of cup of coffee that you get with a doughnut
'Cept I never get the doughnut I just have the cup of coffee
And when I get to work I like to have a cup of coffee
'Cause I like to have a coffee when I'm talking on the phone
But it usually goes cold and I need to get another
Cup of coffee and it's lunch and I have an espresso
And when I get back it's not morning anymore
So I have a diet cola and another diet cola
And by then I'm feeling fine and I'm feeling pretty sharp
And I'm feeling pretty wired and I'm getting things done
But right about two I get this little tiny migraine
And it starts behind my eyes and it moves to the back of my
Neck and it moves to the bottom of my spine
But it doesn't get there until five or six o'clock
Which is the end of the day so I'm fine!
So I'm fine! so I'm fine, so I'm fine, so I'm fine
Except when I have to work late
When I have to work late which I usually do