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I'm just bluffin' with my muffin

stunnin' with my love glue gunning.

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15 March 1990
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My name is Sally. I enjoy:
- Glittery aliens from the planet fierce.
- Dead teaboys.
- The endless entertainment of "Bible Spice".
- Lezzing it up Victorian style.
- Topping people like whip cream on ihop pancakes.
- Being Stephen Fry's friend on facebook.
- Golden Syrup sponge ice cream.
- Organizing my itunes so that every single song has the appropriate album artwork. (iTunes OCD).
- Being dull on Twitter.
- Swashbuckling Space Archaeologists.
- Kathy Griffin.
- Bad manips.

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28 days later, 30 rock, 42, adam lambert, america's next top model, andrew bird, angel, arrested development, awesomesauce, barrowbuff, battlestar galactica, black books, blackadder, bluing oneself, brasseye, brit-brit, buffy, callum keith rennie, captain jack harkness, castiel, charlie brooker, claudia black, csi, daniel jackson, dexter, doctor who, due south, dumble-back-door, dylan moran, face of boe, fancy dress, farscape, felix gaeta, fingersmith, firefly, fucking amal, gay werewolves, girls aloud, glambert, good looking lesbians, goodbye lenin!, gratuitous gayness in torchwood, gwen/morgana, harry potter, heathus christ, hedwig (drag queen), hedwig (owl), high school musical, history boys, hot angels, hot fuzz, house, ianto jones, iron man, jaffa cakes in pockets, jonathan creek, kate bush, kevin spacey, krycek, la confidential, lady gaga, led zeppelin, leverage, light cream cheese bagles, lord of the rings, lulzsocialism, luna lovegood, make it work, martha jones, merlin, merlin/arthur, michael c hall, monsters inc, moomins, morrissey, muppets in space, neil patrick harris, nick cave &tbc, patrick wolf, patti smith, penis-eating zombie sheep, priscilla qotd, project runway, psych, qi, queer as folk uk, regina spektor, remus lupin, rent, rodney mckay, saving face, scully, shakira shakira shakira, shaun of the dead, simon amstell, six feet under, sonic screwdrivers, spaced, spectacle wearing scandinavians, starbuck, stargate sg-1, stephen fry, sugar rush, supernatural, swashbuckling space archaeologists, the bluth family, the daily show, the edge chronicles, the fast show, the jolly (pocket) postman, the l word, the shoebox project, the smiths, the sopranos, this looks shopped, tim gunn, tina fey, torchwood, toshiko sato, trainspotting, trivial pursuit geniuses, ty-ty, watchmen, wicked, withnail & i, x files, zombies that run!, zombies that walk!, ♀/♀

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