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Chapters 1-25, Incoherent Summary

THIS IS POSSIBLY A FAKE BOOK IONO. IT WAS PRETTY GOOD THOUGH.There was no way this was fake, it just doesn't seem logical that someone would spend so long photoshopping 750 pages, and have written the book full of spoilers JK only realeased a few months ago? No.
Here is a nice summary.

Remus and Tonks marry before whole book starts.
Remus seems pretty miserable about it (cuz he's a homosexual)

- Usual, death eater around table, muggle studies professor being tortured upside down on the ceiling, general rubbing of hands and cackling.

CHAPTER 2,3,4,5,6,7.

- Moody dies in the first few chapters, helping get Harry out of Privet Drive (they do this by polyjuicing Hermione, Ron, Fred, George, Fleur, Mundungus and someone else who I can't remember into Harry, and then all flying off in seperate directions. Moody's eye later gets nailed onto Umbridge's door.
- George also loses his ear in this scuffle. Or Fred. Bollocks. ANYWAY Snape chops it off.
- Hedwig dies.

- Harry and Ginny are sickening in general
- Ron and Hermione are sickening in general
- Harry, Ron and Hermione decide they are definitely going off together to search and destroy the horcruxes as soon as Molly Weasley let's them out of her sight.
- Harry, Ron and Hermione each recieve things from Dumbledore in his will : Harry the first snitch he ever caught and godric gryffindor's sword (which the ministry hold on to), Hermione a book of wizarding legends and tales, and Ron a distinguishinator or something that turns off and on lights. They are like, WTF?

- Bill and Fleur get married at the Weasley's
- Krum turns up
- Ginny is a bridesmaid (there is some disgusting meaninful glances and flashbacks of harry and ginny here, gross)
- Luna is there wearing yellow
- Harry is disguised as a Weasley cousin.
- Shit goes down at wedding, Death eaters take over ministry and they turn up looking for Harry. (Kingsley Shacklebolt's talking patronus warns them).

- H, Hr and R apparate to tottenham court road cafe and have cappuccinnos but then death eaters dressed as construction workers attack them so off to grimmauld. also a chav suggests Hermione "ditch ginger and have a drink" with him, which is the highlight of the first 200 pages.

- Regulus Black had the locket and hid it at Grimmauld Place, Which Hermione and Ron by accidentally threw out whilst cleaning (which i already knew down to the last detail somehow - premonitions huh?)
- Harry Ron and Hermione stay at Grimmauld for a bit, send Kreacher to look for Mundungus Fletcher who stole the locket thinking it was a nice bit of tat - Kreacher also watched Regulus die etc., didn't really get that bit but they're nice to him so he seems to like them more.

- Remus brings news that Harry has been accused of killing Dumbledore and that's why the ministry is looking for him, even though they're death eaters but that's the public explanation.
- Harry and Remus have a hot arguments which involves Harry being thrown into a wall (Remus is my all time hero) and Remus angsting about marrying a tonks because "he made her an outcast" cuz he's a werewolf .
- Harry accuses him of trying to "step into sirius's shoes" but we all know it's his pants he tried to step into.

(Not enough Draco Malfoy or Luna Lovegood, I have realised).

- Turns out Umbridge has Slytherin's locket. Harry Ron and Hermione do some polyjuicing to get into the ministry.
- Severus Snape is headmaster of Hogwarts, as reported in daily prophet.

- Everything in the ministry has gone full on holocaust on their arse, after Harry gets the locket from Umbridge by stupifying her when she's interrogating muggle-brons
- They help some muggle-born people escape, who were going to be given the kiss. However, one deatheater catches hermione's arm when they apparate and ends up being brought inside the fidelius charm on grimmauld place, so they re-apparate to the woods where the world cup was held without said deatheater.

- Ron gets splinched and loses a nice chunk from his arm.
- They sleep in that nice tent from book 4.
- Harry has a vision of Voldemort looking for a wand-maker in eastern europe or some shit, who he kills because a "thief" with blonde curly hair has stolen what he already wanted.

- They steal some eggs and toast famous-five stylee from a nearby "lonely farm". CLICHE.
- They bum around the country for a few weeks.
- Whilst in Wales they just so happen to stumble across Ted Tonks and Dean Thomas on the run - chatting with some exiled goblins - they reveal that ginny, luna and neville tried to steal the sword of gryffindor from snape's office and failed- but that the sword is a fake, and only the goblins know it. They don't reveal themselves to them - they just happen to overhear a conversation. This is slightly convenient and ridiculous but w/e.
- Dean Thomas is adorable, I always knew it.
- Also, Dumbledore used the sword to crack the first horcrux (the ring).
- Ron and Harry have a huge argument because Ron is being an enormous git, and he storms off leaving Harry and Hermione to carry on.

- Harry and Hermione go to Godric's Hollow (they think gryffindors sword might be hidden there) and see his parents grave and the house where they died.
- They see a statue of them too.
- It's christmas eve.

- Some old woman called Barthilda who wrote History of Magic beckons them into her house but she's totally loopy - however she has a photo on her mantle of the curly haired "thief" harry saw in his vision thingy.
- Barthilda turns into a snake and bites Harry. (Nagini)
- They escape, as usual.
- Harry's wand is split in two, so he now has no weapon.

- Harry has some emo moments about how much he hates Dumblydoor.
- Turns out that thief is Grindelwald, the big bad dark wizard who dumbledore defeated once, and used to be family friends with. They discover this from Reeter Skeeter's book "The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore", which is probably all lies as it is rita skeeter. However, Harry is being so emo he starts believing it.
- Lot's of stuff about "Ariana Dumbledore", Albus's sister, who was supposedly imprisoned by the family her whole short life for being a squib in Skeeter's biography extracts.
- Some backstory on Grindelwald, expelled from durmstrang at 16 etc, but stays with Bathilda, the dumbledores' neighbours for a while and befriends Albus, there is a letter showing Albus Dumbledore's sympathies with Grindelwald's views on ruling over the muggles and seizing control for "the greater good" - (isn't this what the nazis called ethnic cleansing, at first?, although this is slightly different - more about overthrowing muggle government and ruling for "their own good" - but Dumbledore was 16!!! he cannot be blamed).
- Ariana's death apparently shocked Dumbledore, Aberforth Dumbledore broke Albus's nose at the funeral, implying there was some doubt there?
- Grindelwald fled the country hours after Ariana's death - he'd been there at the time. Did he kill her?
- Grindelwald and Dumbledore didn't speak again until their final duel.
- Harry seems to believe all this, to some extent, and take it all to heart, which Hermione tries to talk him out of. Harry get's all angry, as usual, Hermione tries to be rational about it all, as usual.

- Harry and Hermione go to Forest of Dean because Hermione likes it or something?
- A bright silver light appears in front of harry in the forest, it is a doe, (probably a patronus - i have a suspicion it was Snape). He follows it when it leaves, to a frozen pool. In the pool is the sword of gryffindor.
- Harry is boggled by the sheer coincidence of it being there at the same time he is.
- Harry jumps into said freezing pool, and horcrux locket round his neck tries to choke him. Someone cuts him free, and it turns out to be Ron. They've got both the sword and the locket but are dripping wet and possibly have hypothermia. But yay, reunion, manly hugging etc.
- Harry tells Ron to use the sword to break the horcrux, because he somehow "knows" it's meant to be him who does it. He also conveniantly knows now that to open it he must use parsletongue, which I could have told him since I actually read the chamber of secrets, yknow.
- It opens, Ron tries to stab it but it talks to him about all his worst fears, about Hermione liking Harry better and the like, and being the worst in the family, spectres of Hermione and Harry burst out of the locket and say mean things to it and Ron freezes up like the useless sniveller he is
- Ron decides to stab harry instead but Harry jumps out the way so he stabs the locket and the hold over him is broken.
- Ron is like "i'm sorry nah nah nah", reunions all round.
- Hermione attacks Ron quite violently. Things calm down a bit.

- Ron reveals a 'taboo' has been put on Voldie's name, so they have to say you-know-who or they'll be tracked.
- Hermione decides they should go and see Xenophilius Lovegood, because at the wedding e wore a robe with the symbol from the book Dumbledore gave her in his will, the symbol of Grindelwald.
- Strange descriptions of the Lovegood house.
- Xenophilius seems reluctant to help them but of course Luna wants to help.
- Xeno reveals the symbol is "the sign of the Deathly Hallows".

- Story of 3 brother's from hermione's book - 3 objects, elder wand, invisibility cloak and resurrection stone represent the "Deathly hallows", if you have 3 together you become master of death and Xeno believes they all exist and if you have them together it is true.
- Blah blah blah, too confusing, but the trio don't believe him because they think he's a nut.
- Trio disagree on which object they'd rather have.
- An adorable bit about harry finding Luna's room. On her ceiling she has painted pictures of Ginny, Neville, Ron, Harry and Hermione and written friends... friends... friends... in between. There is a picture of Luna hugging a woman who looks a lot like her (her mother?)
- He then realises the bedroom is covered with dust, and cobwebs, and the wardrobes are empty.
- He confronts Luna's dad about this. The quibblers in the room stop printing - on the front cover is Harry with "undersirable number one", Xeno has owled the ministry informing them that the trio are there. He said "they took my luna because of what I printed" - he wants to hand over harry in return.
- He tries to stop them leaving, and the ministry start arriving, however the erumpment horn on the lovegood's wall explodes (as Hermione had warned), and the trio hide, causing the ministry to believe Xeno is just ranting and raving again and buying them some time - hermione blasts a hole in the floor landing on top of the two death eaters, whilst apparating at the same time (so the death eaters would catch a glimpse of harry and not kill xeno or luna, as he hadn't been lying).

- Luna is probably in Azkaban. This is the most distressing moment in the book for me.
Confounding stuff ahead:
[- They discuss the Peverells, the supposed three brothers of the Deathly Hallows story, and realise Marvolo Gaunt is descended from them and he had the first horcrux, the ring.
- Perhaps the Gaunt cote of arm was the sign of the Deathly HAllows? Harry thinks yes.
- Some confusing theories, Hallows vs. Horcrux - perhaps if Harry has the 3 hallows, of which he already has one, he can defeat Voldie's horcruxes.
Was the ring the Resurrection Stone?
Dumbledore had his invisibility cloak the night Harry's parents died.
- Harry seems to deduce he is related to Ignotus Peverell, because of the invisibility cloak in the family?
- He also seems to think dumbledore left the ring inside the useless snitch he left him in his will.
- He then deduces that Voldemort is chasing wand-makers because he wants the power of the Elder Wand, that Grindelwald once stole.
- Harry also think Voldemort doesn't realise the true power of these objects because being brought up in a muggle orphanage he never would have heard the fairytale, and that his attempt to make the ring into a horcrux proves this. He thinks Voldemort thinks he is just looking for a powerful wand.
- Harry appears to have made a lot of rushed conclusions in a very small space of time, as Hermione kindly points out. She thinks they should concentrate on the destroying the horcruxes as Dumbledore asked and not get sidetracked by fairytales.
- However Harry starts babbling about 'quests' and mystery so they're all done for.
- Ron tries to side with both of them, but ends up agreeing with Hermione.
- An awkward moment where Harry snogs the snitch, trying to get it to open up.
- Harry can think of only the Deathly Hallows for the next few days, accuses the others of having an obsession with horcruxes, which is so ironic.

- Ron hacks into a special potter-followers radio programme, the only thing not controlled by death eaters and narrated by Lee Jordan of all the people. He informs them of the murder of Ted Tonks. Dean Thomas may have escaped.
- Kingsley is also on the programme.
- Remus is also on it, codename Romulus (OH SO CLEVER JK I AM BEING SARCASTIC).
- Hagrid is on the run.
- One of the twins is on it, Fred i think, to give news on Snape.

- Harry starts ranting about Voldemort being abroad and looking for the wand and SAYS VOLDEMORT so the taboo is awakened and death eaters come for them. What a twat.
- Their tent is surrounded by armed death eaters.

- Hermione mutters a spell at his face, it swells up and disfigues.
- They are captured, de-armed.
- Fenrir Greyback (bad werewolf) is there. They can't see who harry is, he says he is caleld Vernon Dudley. Hermione says she is "Penelope Clearwater" ,and Ron says he is Barney Weasley.
- Put with other prisoners, one who turns out to be Dean Thomas.
- The scavangers find Gryffindor's sword. Want to take prisoners back to minestry as harry says his father works there.
- Harry starts to have another vision
- The snatchers or whatever look at the daily prophet, recognise hermione and put 2 and 2 together and realise who Harry is. They propose to take them to the malfoys.
- They ask Draco to identify him , but Draco is rluctant because I'm sure he's a good boy deep down. They don't want to summon the dark lord for no reason cuz he'd probably kill them. Draco just says, I can't tell.
- They recognise Hermione and Ron though, Draco just says "it could be" when they ask him to identify Ron.
- DEath eaters get into argument about how found him.
- Bella stuns all the snatchers to get the sword, which is shiny. & she is convinced it is in her gringotts vault, which is the fake.
- Bella orders all prisoners to the cellar except Hermione, to torture her and possibly feed her to Fenrir Greyback.
- Down in the cellars they find LUNA!
- They hear Hermione screaming overhead.
- Mr Ollivander is with Luna also. They works their opes undone. They can hear whole conversation with Bella and Hermione, Hermy is clearly being tortured. They can find no way out and are forced to listen to her screams (pretty heavy for a children's book).
- Harry finds his bit of broken mirror from beginning of book, which was an enchanted mirror Sirius gave him. It never worked, but now he sees one of Dumbledore's eyes in it and begs for help.
- Bella is asking hermione if the sword is real, they fetch a goblin to verify, and harry begs the goblin to say it is a fake.
- Draco turns up, to collect the goblin, but then Dobby apparates into the cell. He has come to rescue Harry Potter. Dobby apparates all the prisoners except Harry and Ron to Bill and Fleur's house, and promises to come back.
- Wormtail hears crack, comes to look, Harry and Ron ambush him, take his wand- and Wormtail in a moment of panic strangles himself with his metal hand.
- They make their way upstairs, Hermione unconscious on the floor.
- Goblin says sword is a fake.
- Bella believes him and calls the dark lord to her.
- Bella proposes to kill hermione, so Ron rushes in wands ablazing and Harry too, Bella holds Hermy at knife point so they drop wands.
_voldie is coming.
- Chandelier falls from ceiling and crushes Hermione (Dobby drops it) confusing everyone, Ron pulls her out, Harry grabs wands from Draco's grip, they stupify Greyback.
- They apparate, but Harry realise Dobby has been stabbed by Bella, and drops dead when they arrive.

- Harry buries Dobby himself with a spade, no magic.
- He angsts a bit.
- Hermione is OK.
- They all come out to see Dobby buried, Luna closes his eyes and says suitably adorable things. And starts with the statements about Dobby and tahnks him for saving her. She is FANTASTIC.
- Ginny is safe on holiday, not that we care in the slightest. Although Harry apparently does.
- Harry sees Griphook the goblin and asks for help, he wants Griphook to break into a gringotts vault - the Lestrange Vault. Griphook insists it's impossible, and starts rabbitting about how the wizards are hunting goblins and elves, but then hermione butts in and says she's being hunted too. Goblin says maybe.
- Harry thinks the horcrux is in the lestrange vault because Bellatrix was so terrified when she thought the sword of gryffindor had been taken from it.
- They see Ollivander, Harry asks him to mend his wand but Olliv says he can't. Haarry shows him two wands he brought from the malfoy's, Ollivander identifies one of them as Bella's wand and the other as Draco's. Harry decides to use Draco's wand, because it feels good or something like that.
- Ron decides to use Pettigrew's wand, as once you have won a wand, it is likely to do your bidding more so.
- Discussion about HArry and Voldemort's joint wands,
- Ollivander thinks Voldemort is pursuing the elder wand to defeat Harry. He is certain the wand exists.
- Ollivander has no idea what the deathly hallows is.
- Gregorovitch had the elder wand once, but got rid of it before Voldie tracked him down. Grindlewald stole it, and when Dumbledore defeated Grindlewald, he won his wand. Therefore Dumbledore must have had the elder wand.
- Harry is sure that it's at Hogwarts, and that Snape of Voldemort has it. He doesn't believe he should have it any more, and should just destroy horcruxes.
- He has a vision of Snape in Hogwarts, Dumbledore was buried with the wand and Voldie is digging it up right now, and he has become the new master of it.

- Ron thinks Dumbledore is still alive.
- Griphook decides to help Harry in breaking into the Lestrange vault, but only for the sword of Godric Gryffindor as his payment. Griphook claims Godric stole the sword from a goblin after he killed him, and it should be in the right hands again.
- They propose to let him have it after they've used it on all the horcruxes.
- They plan, and dislike Griphook greatly.
- Ollivander leaves to recuperate at another order house.
- Remus arrives in a fit of drama... "IT IS I! REMUS JOHN LUPIN!" very spooky.
- Remus simply announces the arrival of his baby boy, who they have called Ted in honour of Tonks' dad. He is dazed by happiness. He asks Harry to be godfather, Harry is proper pleased. He looks years younger. Oh joy!
- Baby shows signs of metamorphisis like mumma.
- Bill warns him about bargaining with goblins, it seems pretty ominous, and Harry hasn't properly thought through the deal.
- I think there's something going on between Luna and Dean?

- To get in Lestrange vault, they used one of Bellatrix's hairs found on Hermione's jumper the night she was tortued to make polyjuice to disguise Hermione. She has Bella's wand and all, and feels uncomfortable holding it because of the number of people it has killed.
- Bellatrix and a transfigured Ron will enter with Harry and Griphook under the cloak.
- Diagon Alley full of beggars and muggle-borns on the street.
- Death eaters try to start conversatiosn and suspect, so Harry uses imperio on some people. They set off in cart .
- They come to the dragon, guarding 4 or 5 special vaults. Get passed, then get shut in the actual vault.
- If they touch any of the gold, it multiplies, leaving them with no space. They spot Hufflepuff's cup, and Harry tries to hook the handle onto his sword.
- There is a bit of an avalanche of expanding treasure, but they manage to get the cup even though it burns their hands.
- They are ratted out by Griphook, who now has what he wants, the sword.
- The trio release the guarding dragon and climb up onto it's back, and blast their way out.

- Flying off on dragon. Flying flying flying, etc. and they realise it's landing - seemingly trying to land on water - so they jump off into the lake, and get to land.
- Harry has a vision, of Voldemort really really angry they took the cup, showing Voldemort with the elder wand and using it's great power. Voldie can't understand how they know about the horcruxes, and confirms that Nagini his snake is one and another is hidden at Hogwarts.
- Harry decides they have to go to Hogsmeade.

- Arrive in Hogsmeade poorly covered by cloak.
- Death eaters pour out, and "ACCIO CLOAK", but nothing happens so they assume he doesn't have the cloak, rather than is immune to it.
- They think about escaping, but dementors arrive. If they cast patronuses they will be revealed - and it turns out their are anti-apparition charms so they can't leave.
- Death eaters follow a patronus Harry makes, but at the last moment the trio are pulled through a door by a mystery figure. The person holds off the death eaters outside by complaining about the noise/disturbance whatever - and pretends the patronus is his.
- The barman manages to convince the death eaters that the patronus was his.
- It's Aberforth dumbledore! And he was the blue eye in the mirror that sent Dobby.
- He urges them to leave immediately, doesn't think following a dead man's orders is a good idea.
- There is a portrait of Ariana Dumbledore on the wall, Aberforth tells the true story that she had been attacked by muggles when they saw her doing magic aged 6 years old. She had been mentally shaken and her magic was unstable and powerful and dangerous, and sometimes she was scared and harmless. Dumbledore's dad attacked the boys, and he spent the rest of his life i n Azkaban for it. They kept her safe and quiet to stop her being institutionalised. Ariana had by accidentally killed her mother in a rage. Dumbledore took over looking after her but then met Grindelwald, and neglected her. Aberforth, Albus and Grindlewald all had a massive duel about it and Ariana tried to join in, and a spell hit her and she died.
blahabalhababsd i'm not even sure how this whole story is related to the plot, tbh.
- All secret passageways into school are blocked, except the portrait of Ariana, who walks off down a tunnel, and then comes back towards them. She brings someone with her, and out of the portrait climbs NEVILLE LONGBOTTOM Omg.

- Neville is injured and bruised, unkempt but hopeful.
- They climb through the portrait and start walking towards Hogwarts.
- Neville tells them about Hogwarts, and the "Carrows", a death eater family who are like Umbridge but much much worse.
- In DADA they perform the cruciatus curse on people who have detentions.
- Muggle studies is compulsary and explains how muggles and stupid and dirty and like animals. Neville points out scars for standing up to teacher sand stuff (he's my hero).
- Neville has become a ringleader of the group, and Luna and Ginny both left school, so the Carrows went for his Gran - but the thing is he didn't actually like her that much and she is really powerful and defeated who they sent to get her - they assumed she was a feeble old woman.
- Neville says it was time for him to disappear, they don't understand. He takes them into the room where there are about 20 people who greet harry and screech and stuff, there are hammocks on the ceiling etc. - they've all been camping out in the Room of Requirement. Neville can control the Room of Requirement very well apparently.
- Patil Twins are there, Hufflepuffs, Seamus, Lavender Brown, Ernie MacMillan etc.
- Luna and Dean turn up through the tunnel, Neville had sent word to them.
- DA insist they must help the trio on their task.
- Giny, Fred & George, Lee Jordan turn up - Harry has some kind of soppy moment about her being beautiful.
- Cho Change arrives too!
- Hermione and Ron convince Harry that the DA can help look for the horcrux, so he asks them if they have seen anything with Ravenclaw's crest or anything.
- Luna mentions the lost diadem of Rowena Ravenclaw, which her dad had been trying to recreate with bottlecaps or something similar. It is a kind of crown.
- Harry and Luna leave the room under the cloak to look at the statue of Ravenclaw so they can see what the diadem looks like.
- A deatheater catches them in the Ravenclaw common room and summons Voldemort via the mark.

- Luna stuns her, and Ravenclaws come running towards the noise but they get back happily under the cloak. The Ravenclaws seem pleased that Carrow appears dead. Carrow's brother turns up, he is trying to get through the Ravenclaw common room (the passwords are logical questions that you have to answer which he fails at) when Professor McGonagall arrives - this is the first mention of her in THE WHOLE BOOK. She lets him in after quite a bit of stalling.
- Carrow and her argue, and he spits in her face. Harry immediately throws off the cloak and crucios the death eater. McGonagall is like, Oh You're Here, Now That Was Silly, Wasn't It?
- They talk about getting the horcrux, McGonagall doesn't know where it is - but Harry suggests she evacuate the students through the portrait in to the hog's head whilst they are busy with Voldie, the deatheaters won't notice that.
- Snaape arrives, from behind a suit of armour - and he said "IT IS I!" very dramatic like.
- The heads of house start attacking Snape, and he jumps out a window and flies off- very powerful magic.
- The heads of house propose to put up some defensive charms around the castle, and collect all students in the great hall. McGonagall threatens Slughorns and all Slytherins if they would take up arms against the resistance she will kill them.
- McG sends Filch to find peeves.
- Harry and Luna go back to the room of the requirement and find the order of the phoenix there, the weasleys, kingsley, lupin, as well as oliver wood and angelina johnson.
- They decide to fight.
- There is definitely something going on between Dean and Luna.
- Percy apologises for being a total twat for 3 years. And the weasleys reunite emotionally.
- Harry can't find Ron and Hermione.
- Ginny is forbidden to fight by all, she get's pissed off.

- IN the great hall with students, McGonagall permits people of age to stay and fight if they wish to.
- a voice surrounds them in the hall, saying it knows of their plans to fight.
- Voldemort says no more shall be harmed if Harry Potter is delivered to him by midnight.
- (I'm getting kind of sick of this SLYTHERINS AS AN EVIL BODY thing. Surely there would just be no Slytherin house allowed if they were all murdering psychopaths? However, no one yet has gonr against this stereotype).
- McGonagall starts organising battle groups, and sends Harry off to look for the last horcrux.
- He still can't find Ron or Hermione.
- Harry decides to ask the ghosts for help in relation to the horcrux.
- The Grey Lady, ghost of Ravenclaw, turns out to be Rowena Ravenclaw's daughter, the diadem brings widsom. The Grey Lady, after badgering - reveals she stole the diadem from her mother and ran away with it. She reveals her mother sent the Baron to find her, and he loved her, but stabbed her and became the bloody baron after his suicde shortly after killing her. The diadem is hidden inside a hollow tree in Albania. Harry , realising Tom Riddle had gone to Albania, must have then found this diadem and made it into a horcrux.
- Harry reasons that Tom Riddle had hidden the diadem in Hogwarts the only time he had come back after he finished school - when he asked Dumbledore for a job. Harry runs off and bashes into Hagrid, who was catapulted into the school by Grawp, at his request.
- Harry realised where the Horcrux was waiting for him. In the room that the room of requirement conjure for him in book 6, to hide his potions book. (DUH HARRY I COULD HAVE TOLD YOU THIS TEN CHAPTERS AGO, OBVO BOBVO).
- He finds Ron and Hermione, they had been in the Chamber of Secrets, they were holding the giant fangs of a dead basilisk, to destroy the horcruxes with - as Harry had done with the diary.
- They go to the room of requirrement, but first they must get the last people out, Ginny and Tonks, and Grandma Longbottom (who wanders off to assist Neville in fighting). Tonks runs off to help Remus in the grounds.
- Ginny sneaks off.
- Hermione snogs Ron because he cares about the houseelves or something.
- Harry gets a pissed off that they're trying to shag each other, THIS IS SERIOUS BUSINESS, K?
- Into Requirement again, now lost things room. Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle corner Harry. There's a bit of a duel. They manage to wreck the room of requirement but Harry insists on saving Malfoy and Goyle's life. Harry grabs the diadem. The horcrux is destoryed in the charmed fire that engulfs the room of requirements.
- Fred and Percy are battling death eaters in the corridor ahead, Fred dies in an explosion, still laughing because Percy made a joke.

- Aragog's spiders have joined the fight.
- Percy won't leave Fred's body alone, until they start to move the body into a niche where they hide it.
- Percy runs off after the death eater that killed Fred.
- Harry opens himself up for another vision, so he can find Nagini. He is in the shrieking shack, and sends for Snape.
- McGonagall has enchanted all the desks to charge at deatheaters.
- Peeves is also helping the fights, dropping things on deatheaters like stinkbombs.
- They save Draco Malfoy's life again.
- Neville is using vicious plants to attack death eaters.
- Professor Trelawney is using crystal balls to knock out death eaters, she does this to Fenrir Greyback as he is about to savage Lavender Brown.
- Hagrid tries to hold back Aragog and the Spiders, and is swallowed up in the mass of them. I think he might be dead?
- There is a giant attacking people of their side, until Grawp shows up. THey attack each other instead.
- They are almost surrounded by dementors, and cannot produce patronuses, but Luna, Ernie and Seamus cast some to save him.

- The trio get through the Shrieking Shack tunnel and view the scene under the invisibility cloak.
- Voldemort tells Snape he knows that the elder wand will only respond to Snape, because he killed Dumbledore. So he kills Snape, viciously, by setting Nagini on him.
- When Voldemort is gone Harry rushes to Snape's side and Snape gives him a bottle of penesieve memories and says take it, then dies.

- Remus and Tonks are dead, laid out peacefully next to each other in the great hall.
- Harry goes to the headmasters office, pours Snape's memories into a penesieve and watches them.
- The first is a memory of Snape as a boy, spying on Lily and Petunia Dursley playing in a playground? Lily show magic, and Snape jumps out and tells her she's a witch! Lily is insulted, amd goes after her. He tries to explain magic to them.He talks about the ministry, dementors, tries to befriend Lily. He by accidentally hurts petunia with his magic, Lil runs off.
- 9 and three quarters, he is watching Lily and Petunia again, and Petunia reject Lily as a freak. Petunia had wanted to go to the school. but was jealous, so because fearful of them. Severus and Lily are friends, but James and Sirius taunt Seerus o the train.
- A few years later: Lily doesn't like the people Snape is hanging around with, and dark magic - Snape retorts that James and that lot are bad enough, and theorises on Remus disappearing every full moon.
- Again, Snape after owls, calls Lily a mudblood.
- Again, Snape apologises, and Lily doesn't accept the apology.
- Another scene, after Hogwarts, Snape going to Dumbledore. He is desperately trying to save Lily, tells Dumbledore that her son is who Snape is after. Snape promises anything in return for Lily's safety.
- Another scene, after Lily's death - Snape is livid at Dumbledore. Dumbledore says if Snape ever loved Lily, he knew which path to follow. So Snape joins Dumbledore.
- Snape in Book 4, Dumbledore calls him brave.
- Snape in Book 6, nursing Dumbledore after he drank the potion that was killing him. Snape is angry with worry it appears, Snape gives Dumbledore a termina; death sentence - one year maximum to live, no change of a cure. They talk of Draco's take, which is basically a death sentence. DUMBLEDORE ASKS SNAPE TO KILL HIM WHEN DRACO FAILS. He wants a quick death, and Snape should do it as Draco's soul is young.
- Dumbledore reveals to Snape that Harry is the 7th Horcrux. And that Voldemort must kill Harry for Voldemort himself to die.
- Snape reveals that he still deeply love Lily Potter, and would do anything for her. His patronus is the same as hers.
- Dumbledore tells Snape to act the part of death eater convincingly.
- Snape reading the letter from lily in sirius' bedroom crying.
- The ear cutting incident that was meant for a death eaters hand.
- The patronus of course, that he sent to inform Harry where Godric's sword was in the wood.

- Harry resigns himself to the fate of dying for the cause.
- Collin Creevey snuck back the the castle to help, and died in battle.
- Harry runs across Neville holding his body - and tells him to remember to kill the snake, in case Ron and Hermy don't make it.
- He sees Ginny, but stays hidden.
- Harry takes out the snitch, and says "I am about to die" to it. It opens. The resurrection stone is inside. It brings back James, Sirius, Remus and Lily. Lily tells him how proud she is of him.
- Remus talks about never knowing his son - I am in floods by now.
- Harry goes to the Death Eater's camp, under the invisibility cloak.
- He pulls off the invisibility cloak, for Voldemort to see him.
- Harry thinks of Ginny in the moment before he dies, which I find slightly spoiling but I'm so tearful at this moment nothing can ruin it.

- Harry is laying face down, in silence, perfectly alone. He is naked, not entirely aware of what is going on. He discovers he can feel and see as it comes. He is in bright mist, he wishes for clothes and he gets them - like in a room of requirement.
- He sees a small child laying on the floor dying, naked, disfigured (the baby voldemort from book 4 i believe).
- Dumbledore arrives, and says Harry cannot help. Dumbledore explains that the bit of Voldemort inside him is gone, he is the seventh horcrux that Voldie never meant to make, and Voldemort made himself out of Harry, so had Lily's blood running in his veins. He made it so Harry must live as long as Voldemort lives.
- Harry isn't dead.
- Dumbledore talks about how he selfishly searched for the hallows.
- Harry is the true master of death because he accepted that he must die, and Dumbledore had failed due to personal weakness at becoming the master of death.
- This chapter kind of spoilt things for me, it was too wordy, too clinical after the emotional build-up of the previous chapters. I know things have to be explained, but it was just too much.
- Dumbledore says Harry can choose to return, get back on the train and keep going on., and that if he returns, then Voldemort will truly be defeated.
- He returns from his detour in his mind etc.

- He wakes up in the forest. Bella is talking to Voldemort, concern in her voice. Voldie gets to his feet, he had been laying on the ground - he had collapsed after throwing the killing curse at Harry.
- Harry pretends to be dead, and Voldie sends a death eater over to verify. It is Narcissa. She can feel he is alive. She asks him where her son is in a whisper, he tells her safe in the castle.
- She stands up and announces that he is dead.
- The death eaters all celebrate. Narcissa would only be allowed into the castle as part of the conquering army, she no longer cares if Voldemort wins, just wans to see her son again.
- Voldemort orders Hagrid (tied to a tree) to carry Harry back to hogwarts to show everyone. Voldemort announces it as the approach the castle his voice echoing around the grounds.
- The crowd screams and cries. Neville attacks Voldemort, but he is thrown to the ground. Neville says he'd rather die than do anything for Voldie.
- Voldemort summons the sorting hat and puts it on Neville's head, where it bursts into flames.
- Then everything happens and Grawp comes and attacks the other giants, and Harry manages to get his invisibiltiy cloak again.
- Neville draws the sword of Gryffindor out of the sorting hat, and slices off NAgini's head. Voldemort screams.
- Everyone is fighting everywhere, the centaurs join the fights, and the house-elves - Kreacher leading them - the "brave army of regulus!" fighting the dark lord, hacking and stabbing with their kitchen tools.
- Mrs. Weasley kills Bellatrix, for almost killing Ginny.
- Harry pulls off the cloak, and everyone realises he is alive.
- He wants to kill Voldemort alone, says no one else should help.
- He taunts Voldemort with the truth about Snape, and then reveals the real master of the Elder wand was not Dumbledore, but Draco Malfoy, because Snape never won the wand, that was his task. Harry has been using Draco's wand, so knows that the two will not react together.
- He expelliarmuses Voldie's wand. Voldermort is killed by his own rebounding curse.

- There's lots of emotion stuff here, but I am a total wreck and can't write anymore.

This epilogue is shit? I am basically going to ignore it. But it's the same one that was on flickr.
SORRY GUYS, this is the epilogue where Harry and Ginny have three children (including Albus Severus) and Ron and Hermione have two.

my response to this is

I can't believe Remus is dead. The bit at the end where Harry see's his ghost and he talks about how he will never see his son grow up? Killed me.
The whole Snape's memories chapter was absolutely beautiful.
And Neville! So brave!
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