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Meaningless drizzle

^^ Not precipitation

10 June
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  • _gemini_love_@livejournal.com
Hello there

I'm a silly person who decided to acquire a new journal. My other one is inme_surfchick but I don't use
it anymore.

I'm generally a depressive person but at the same time a bit mad. A recent example is pretending to be a sperm while swimming in the sea >.<

I'm looking for friends....of course! From anywhere really but would be cool to make friends close by we
can maybe hook up sometime.

Anyhow, i'm aware this sounds lame so bare with me.


Me with the amazing dave mcphereson from InMe...it is a shite picture of me....it was after the gig...
(all hot and sweaty)

Everyone needs a smile =)

Boys Kissing is Sex Love

Marilyn Monroe is Love

made by __iiicons

made by __iiicons

made by __iiicons

made by __iiicons

made by __iiicons

Other retard pictures of me:-

Me being a 'skater girl' this was of course my best impression of avril lavigne and should not be
taken seriously. By no means am i actually a 'skater chick'.

pictures of my friends

Unfortunately I don't really have that many other pictures of my friends, doh. Anyhow.

The boyfriend.
Hehe. Love him lots but I don't really talk about him that much on my journal as he's too
personal to me and I've always hated people knowing the thoughts in my head when I love someone.