Ugly Girls Tend To Hate Me


(¯*·.¸ gaWdeSs ¸.·*¯)
28 December 1980

[Disclaimer]:*** For the "educated" people who say they can sue me for placing their names in my JOURNAL for exposing the truth about them, deal with it. We are all guilty of saying things in all shapes and forms, so please don't start judging in what you know you are guilty of.***

Full Name: [ALL INFO UPDATED 3/28/11]
Future Mrs. Cam Sison-Russell</b>

gaWdeSs, Cam




Place of Birth:
Manila, Philippines

Labels That I Sport:
Hurley, Victoria's Secret, Metal Mulitia, PRADA, Juicy Couture, Betsey Johnson, Coach, LACOSTE, Burberry, Jimmy Choo, Gucci, Carolina Herrera, DCW Clothing Line, Salvation Clothing by Ryan Alan Russell [gonna be put up in the future!].

Whatever moves me.

Current Fave Band/singer:
New Kids On the Block, Karen Carpenter, Gloria Estefan, Britney Spears

-[Love Song]--[311]-

TV Shows:
Spartacus: Blood and Sand, Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, Desperate Housewives, Bad Girls Club

Sailor Moon, Fairly Oddparents, Spongebob Squarepants, Claymore, Naruto

Sports Team:
Tennessee Lady Vols
Boston Red Sox

Sports Figures:
RASHO NESTEROVIC, Manu Ginobili, Beno Udrih, Tim Duncan, Robert Horry, Tony Parker, DEVIN BROWN, Brent Barry, Brittany Jackson, Shyra Eli, Nikki Anosike, Steve Young, David "The Admiral" Robinson, Phil Jackson, Scotty Pippen, Michael Jordan, John Stockton, Clyde Drexel, Tom Brady, HORACE GRANT, Kevin Garnett, Chris Hinrich, Ray Allen, Richard "Lil Reg" Hamilton, Reggie Miller, Amare Stoudermire, Steve Nash, Alonzo Mourning, BEN GORDON, Cam Newton, Maya Moore

World of Warcraft, Asian Horror Movies, Sushi, Raping Alliance as Camtars

All I need in this life of sin is me and my girlfriend
Down to ride 'til the very end, it's me and my boyfriend
Cammi & Ryan



Lyan, Travie, Jordy, BEAR!, Krystle, Joey, Shanni, Chris, James, Nytune, Charisse, Nei, Dennis, Yanka, & Kazool.
Dazey & BB, I miss you girls...

To the USELESS people who used to be in my life:
Good Riddance!
You proved that life was definitely GRAND without you.

Lisa [Once you lost your mind, you lost me.]
Lisa from CAMBRIDGE [You so badly wanted to be on this list, so here you are]
Jen [I hope that one day you will finally get that attention you so passionately seek]
Ty Maly Down [I wish you weren't so blinded from inability to think for yourself]
JJ [Everything connected to you is the word "WASTE". We would have had it all, but you didn't want it.]
DANNITA [Immitation is biggest form of flattery, except you can never truly be the original.]
Lauren/Aly [I wonder what it's like to be you, knowing he thinks of me when you hold him.]
Kendra Elliot [Friendship is friendship. Short or long, it shouldn't be betrayed. ]
Yawn [Little boys always have big fears. It's the mind that makes the man.]
Chris Colby [Mama's boys never get anywhere or become ANYONE. Your ignorance, and lack of consideration was your downfall. I hope that along the years someone will love you for that major imperfection.]
Minkus [You disgust me. Hope that one day, the baby you killed will forgive you.]
"Goody" [Coward. Be knowledgeable that you are the point of contact. Not your mother, or your sister. When people are dealing with you, learn to face them with whatever answer you give. It's the presence and effort that matters]
Smialek [Get over yourself, and get over the whole mentality that if you can't have something, no one should. You are a traitor, and a backstabber. Eat some ice cream. It might help make your life less miserable.]
Jimmy [Take your anti-psychotics. You highly are in need of them]
"Crotch Rot" [Traitor, hypocrit, and a phony. You are now paying the consequences for all that you have done to those who tried to take you out of the filth in which we now know is where you belong. Read up on people skills. It might help you gain people's favors instead of the opositional behavior that your mother has neglected to discipline all these years]
Annie[You should have learned to curb your kids better. God and the rest of the world would have appreciated it if you were contributing to the better development of society. And providing substance to a clinically diagnosed alcoholic, especially one with epilepsy can be charged with attempted murder. Mother is the word for God in the eyes of children. Who you are is what they become.]
Tiffany [My pretty things will not give you physical beauty, because you are ugly inside. I thought you were better than the rest of them. You are just the same and I loved you the most. ]
"Aquariana"/Melissa [You are as fake as your name. It's sad how you tried to destroy what you cannot covet. I would NEVER let him believe a word you say, because everything you do and say turns away from the God that created him, which in return is called "paganism", an unrealistic, delusional so-called religion, because you want to complicate your rituals or be "creative". You try to cover up your flaws, and imperfections, with pretentious beliefs that there is nothing wrong with you, by trying to recruit people into believing that what you believe and worship is real, so you insult the beliefs of others. You are already condemned, and you just don't want to believe it. Your physical apperance is enough to say that you are ugly inside. You are not worth to keep around, and so I leave you and your memory of nothing to burn in the past where you belong.]
Josh [You were once my brother, and now you are just forgotten.]
Mojthker [Rot in hell]
Caren [It's people like you that cause innocent people like me to sin...to be filled with ugly, demented thoughts what your kind..."See the problem with you people, is when we give you an inch, you take a mile".]
Emo Trish [I hope you found a soap opera big enough to match up to your drama]
FSR [Karma didn't wait too long to catch up to you. You may deny it, but you are jealous of what you knew you couldn't get all along. Your words of ignorance didn't help your situation any better. All it was, was you trying to convince yourself, because you knew you couldn't convince everybody else to not see what you really are.]
SK3 [Leaving you and everything about you finally made me grow to be the person you don't deserve to have]
Mich [I hope that you finally learned how to become a mother]
Morley [God will take care of monsters like you]
TMC [You finally got what you deserve. Everything has a consequence, and you will certainly have to live with it for eternity. Maybe you can finally put your gun to good use, and do us all a favor: blow your brains out.]
BBC [I hate you. Godspeed. May your death, that you want so badly for people to believe is coming, will finally come quickly, so that my hate can DIE with you]


My other celebrity wives and girlfriends [and I'm straight.]

Rena Mero aka Sable
Need I say more?

Eva Longoria

Heidi Klum aka Alour Nicholle Monic of DCW
The Ultimate M.I.L.F. at this moment in time.

Anna Kournikova aka Camille Agatha Summers of DCW

Brittany Jackson
Best 3 point shooter for Tennessee Lady Vols

311, 80's, aaliyah, aaron lewis, alicia keys, amaretto sour, anna kournikova, aquafina, as told by ginger, ashanti, backstreet boys, bam margera, betsey johnson, boston, boxer briefs, brittany jackson, bush, can't hardly wait, chanel, chris jericho, christina aguilera, chyna, cold, concerts, corey taylor, crowbar, daffney, david flair, deftones, degeneration x, disturbed, dragonball z, dudley boyz, edward furlong, eminem, erykah badu, ethan hawke, eva longoria, evanescence, faith hill, final fantasy 7, from zero, fucking, fuel, gail kim, gloria estefan, godsmack, gone with the wind, gwen stefani, heidi klum, hey arnold, hole, hurley, hurricane helms, imogen heap, inuyasha, jewel, joey jordison, joey mcintyre, juicy couture, kagome, karen carpenter, kevin nash, lacoste, legolas, linkin park, long boarding, madonna, manu ginobili, metal gear solid, michelle branch, miroku, molly holly, mudvayne, mugga pudding, nelly, nick carter, nick hexum, nirvana, no doubt, nsync, oasis, oral sex, paris hilton, petting, piercings, plain white t's, posh spice, prada, prodigy, puddle of mudd, rasho nesterovic, raven, raw, rob van dam, ryan philippe, sable, sailor mars, sailor neptune, san antonio spurs, san francisco 49ers, sango, scarlett o'hara, scott hall, sean o'haire, seth green, sevendust, sex, shakira, shane mcmahon, sims, skateboarding, slipknot, smackdown, smashing pumpkins, snake river conspiracy, snowboarding, spice girls, stabbing westward, stacy keibler, staind, starbucks, stephanie mcmahon, stone sour, sublime, sunny, surfing, system of a down, tatanka, tattoos, tazz, tekken, tennesse lady vols, the craft, the crow, the kliq, the offspring, tim duncan, tobey torres, tony parker, tori amos, torrie wilson, triple h, trish stratus, trunks, uma thurman, vegeta, vice city, wendi richter, white roses