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like chocolate and peanut butter

kawooshers go puddle jumping

5/20/06 11:27 pm - Amazing! ;)

Only caught the results stage of the Eurovision but it seemed like the usual malarky according to looking4tarzan and jo_zed_pee_em - *rofl* @ Rodney's song!

Kawoosh! UpdateI posted up a note on the (now old) Kawoosh! Updates blogging page about the move to this shiny new place. I'm also hoping that by moving here, I'll be able to find vidders not yet on the Kawoosh! database and list them. I've seen a ton on stargatevids and atlantis_vids... it'll take a long while to sweep through those communities as well as list the huge number of editors that Sue's found for me. Exams'll soon be over!

Also just to clarify, the URL address for these Kawoosh! updates is kawoosh.puddlejumping.co.uk i.e. it'll take you to my LJ but only show you posts that I've tagged "kawoosh" with the relevant blocks highlighted in this grey dash-bordered box. The full puddlejumping.co.uk domain will show you all my posts.

For anyone who's bored or procrastinating, go play this highly addictive game: Tontie. I can get up to level 12! *beams proudly*

5/19/06 10:21 pm - *blows the dust off her LJ*

the_muppet may very well kill me with one of her stern looks... but what can I say? I have no self-control! *cheeky grin* I haven't touched those Atlantis episodes, I've been good! 0:) I bet she won't realise that I've revived this place. Oh, this post'll appear in her friends section. Gah, I'm still learning how this whole thing works!

Kawoosh! UpdateI hereby declare the resurrection of my LJ official! To celebrate, the domain name puddlejumping.co.uk will now be used to refer to it. Feel free to add me to your friends list! :D Not only will you have unrestricted access to my incoherant babble but I'll also be using this place to post up Kawoosh! updates. Watch this space.

So, I wasn't supposed to touch my LJ until my exams are over. Well, one exam is over. Does that count? It's not like I've been playing with my LJ for the past two days, I have been revising! Web security this and web performance that. *yawns*

I really want to get started on some vidding for the Double Instrumental Challenge over at the Kawoosh! forum, but I definitely shouldn't touch that until all my exams are over.

I've been playing with icons too.

I should go now... find those notes of mine about Apache servers... I wonder if Donkey's online... I bet PJ is... (Q,")-O

Happy vidding!
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